Design Details

Design Details

A show about the people who design our favorite products. Hosted by Bryn Jackson and Brian Lovin.

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    168: Auto Goats (feat. Koen Bok and Jorn van Dijk)

    Today we caught up with Koen Bok and Jorn van Dijk, the co-founders of Framer, previously building products at Facebook and Sofa. This was a fun episode where we went deep into topics like building a startup in Amsterdam, the future of design tools, how to help designers level up, and so much more.

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    167: Daisy Chained Brains (feat. Payam Rajabi)

    Today we caught up with Payam Rajabi, a designer at Shopify working on design systems and product development. We dig into Payam's background, building design systems, designing with content and form, learning how to work remotely, and so much more.

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    166: Ambient Struggles (feat. May-Li Khoe & Andy Matuschak)

    Today's show is a rare two-person episode featuring previous-guest May-Li Khoe and newcomer Andy Matuschak. In this episode we do things a bit different, digging into tough topics like fear, learning how to learn, designing with convictions, working on the right problems, and so much more.

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    165: Whitespace Friends (feat. Lori Kaplan)

    Today we caught up with Lori Kaplan, a designer with 30 years of experience at companies like Apple, Netscape, Netflix, Motorola, and Groupon (among many others). We chat about Lori's journey into design, what it takes to design organizations, navigating job changes throughout a career, writing the Macintosh human interface guidelines, beating imposter syndrome, and more.

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    164: Maximum Vignelli (feat. Lucas Smith)

    In this episode, we hung out the one and only Lucas Smith. We covered everything from design systems, to fighting your CFO, and even the hot new front-end framework, Haskell.

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    163: Guardrails (feat. Ben Wilkins)

    Today we caught up with Ben Wilkins, a design technologist building systems at Airbnb. We dig into what it takes to build design systems, coding as prototyping, the current world of design tools, and so much more.

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    162: Gnarwhale (feat. Andy Chung)

    Today we met with Andy Chung, a designer building Pattern, and previously working at Facebook. We dig into Andy's beginnings, designing at Facebook, understanding changes at scale, bringing Reactions to market, intuition-driven design, and more.

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    161: Coming Soon (feat. Julia Khusainova)

    Today we sat down with Julia Khusainova, a designer at Shyp, previously at Twitter. We dig into Julia's background, leaving Russia, transitioning from engineering to design, designing onboarding experiences, facing burnout, balancing side projects, and more.

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    160: Unicorn Farts (feat. Dr. Charles Pearson)

    Today we sat down with Dr. Charles Pearson, a cultural anthropologist working at InVision. We dig into Charles' thoughts on anthropology, research in design and startups, exploratory design, personas, legacy, and so much more.

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    159: Twe-mail (feat. Lisa Sy)

    Today we caught up with Lisa Sy, a designer working at Facebook, and previously building products at thoughtbot. We dig into Lisa's background, designing for privacy and control, internships vs. apprenticeships, design and code, multidisciplinary design, and more.

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