Design Details

Design Details

A show about the people who design our favorite products. Hosted by Bryn Jackson and Brian Lovin.

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    193: Puppy Bears (feat. Laura Helen Winn)

    Today we caught up with Laura Helen Winn, an independent designer and photographer in San Francisco. In this show we dig into Laura's background, planning life, self employment, overwork, happiness and listening, and so much more.

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    192: One Stuff At A Time (feat. Joel Califa)

    Today we caught up with Joel Califa, a design manager at Digital Ocean. In this episode we discuss the state of design Twitter, design quality and process, managing up, hiring designers, rethinking empathy, and so much more.

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    191: Triangle of Passions (feat. Will Newton)

    Today we sat down with Will Newton, a product designer at Gusto who previously worked on Crossfader. In this episode we dig into Will's upcoming April Fools hijinks, his journey to San Francisco, finding balance in self-improvement, the triangle of passions, and so much more.

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    190: Brain Drain (feat. Christine Røde)

    Today we caught up with Christine Røde, a brand and interaction designer working in Amsterdam who previously worked at Facebook on Workplace and search. In this episode we dig into Christine's background, her journey to San Francisco, navigating startup and big company life, and her advice to folks outside the Bay Area.

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    189: Done Goofed (feat. Max Stoiber)

    Today we caught up with Max Stoiber, the creator of Styled Components and React Boilerplate (among many other projects), and a massive contributor overall to the world of open-source Javascript. We dig into Max's background, designing with code, building in the open, and so much more.

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    188: Doodle Television (feat. Kathy Zheng)

    Today we caught up with Kathy Zheng, a designer at GitHub, previously at Patreon. In this episode we dig into failure and taking chances, hiring early designers, learning how to communicate, and so much more.

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    186: Bucket Heads (feat. Sarah Pease)

    Today we caught up with Sarah Pease, a designer at Facebook, previously building Figma. In this episode we go deep on buckets and furniture design, designing for civic engagement, taking risks, and so much more.

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    185: Orland & Portlando (feat. Matt Spiel)

    Today we caught up with Matt Spiel, the Director of Design at Treehouse, visiting us by way of Missouri. We learn about his destiny in Arizona, design activism, remote work, company hierarchy, taking bets on people, managing designers, and so much more.

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    184: Three Scarves (feat. Meredith Schomburg)

    Today we caught up with Meredith Schomburg, a designer and illustrator at Airbnb. We dig into the impact of illustration, finding the right team at Airbnb, finding role models and fulfillment, and so much more.

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