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Design Details

A weekly conversation about design process and culture. Hosted by Marshall Bock and Brian Lovin.

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    259: Everything Is a Spec

    This week, we recap last week's Fight Me poll results, cover some news on React and Firefox, answer a listener question about professional labels, review a listener's side project, and share a couple cool things.

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    258: A Foot in the Door

    This week, we debut the new format! First, Marshall formally introduces himself, and we answer a listener's question about how to get their foot in the UX door. Then we cover a few headlines, fight about stock vs. third-party apps, and share a couple cool things.

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    257: Here It Goes Again

    In this quick episode, we welcome Marshall Bock as a new co-host and offer a sneak peek of the show's future format.

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    256: DD_final_final_FINAL.mp3 (feat. Sam Soffes)

    Today's episode is our final recording with Bryn, and to send him off we had none-other than our very first Design Details guest, Sam Soffes, back on the show. In this episode we talk about side projects, celebrity, knowing when to stop working on an idea, and what's next for the three of us.

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    255: Design Caretaker (feat. Charlie Sutton)

    Today we caught up with Charlie Sutton, a Product Design Director at Facebook currently working on Games and Video, previously working on Social VR. In this episode we dig into the world of gaming and Facebook's involvement in the growing industry, taking on large unknown responsibilities at a young age, sticking around at companies to the bitter end, and so much more.

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    254: The People's Champion (feat. Fabian Perez)

    Today we caught up with Fabian Perez, the Director of Product Design at Splice, previously the Director of Product Design at GitHub. In today's episode we talk about the state of the music industry, the revolution of version control, becoming a manager at a young age, knowing when to switch jobs, and so much more.

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    253: Follow The Troll Flow (feat. May-Li Khoe & Chikezie Ejiasi)

    Today we sat down with May-Li Khoe and Chikezie Ejiasi to talk about building diverse teams. We dig deep into the problems of monocultures, how to think about team building as both an individual contributor and as a manager, actionable tactics to safely onboard and encourage a culture of diversity, and so much more.

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    252: Furniture Nomadic (feat. Mu-An Chiou)

    Today we caught up with Mu-An Chiou, a developer working on the web systems team at GitHub, previously a product designer at GitHub. In this episode we dig into what Mu-An is excited about in the world of web development and upcoming browser APIs, transitioning from product design to development, and the long journey to landing a gig at GitHub.

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    251: Hip-Hop & Horses (feat. Steph Engle)

    Today we caught up with Stephanie Engle, a product designer in SF currently working on self-driving cars at Cruise, previously designing social experiences in VR at Facebook. In this episode we dig into Stephanie's current work in the auto industry, and what it's like designing in-car experiences for self-driving cars. We also get into Stephanie's background as a designer, including how she found her way into the industry, how she ended up on the social VR team at Facebook, and so much more!

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    250: LIVE at Combine (feat. May-Li Khoe, Katie Dill & Soleio Cuervo)

    We made it! Another milestone in the Design Details archive: episode 250 🎉

    For this special episode we hosted a live show with our friends May-Li Khoe, Katie Dill, and Soleio Cuervo. In the conversation we dig into hiring junior designers, how to identify talent, equity and salary negotiations, building a career rubric, and so much more. Also, a huge thank you to Combine for hosting us in their beautiful new space!

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