Design Details

Design Details

A show about the people who design our favorite products. Hosted by Bryn Jackson and Brian Lovin.

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    163: Guardrails (feat. Ben Wilkins)

    Today we caught up with Ben Wilkins, a design technologist building systems at Airbnb. We dig into what it takes to build design systems, coding as prototyping, the current world of design tools, and so much more.

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    162: Gnarwhale (feat. Andy Chung)

    Today we met with Andy Chung, a designer building Pattern, and previously working at Facebook. We dig into Andy's beginnings, designing at Facebook, understanding changes at scale, bringing Reactions to market, intuition-driven design, and more.

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    161: Coming Soon (feat. Julia Khusainova)

    Today we sat down with Julia Khusainova, a designer at Shyp, previously at Twitter. We dig into Julia's background, leaving Russia, transitioning from engineering to design, designing onboarding experiences, facing burnout, balancing side projects, and more.

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    160: Unicorn Farts (feat. Dr. Charles Pearson)

    Today we sat down with Dr. Charles Pearson, a cultural anthropologist working at InVision. We dig into Charles' thoughts on anthropology, research in design and startups, exploratory design, personas, legacy, and so much more.

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    159: Twe-mail (feat. Lisa Sy)

    Today we caught up with Lisa Sy, a designer working at Facebook, and previously building products at thoughtbot. We dig into Lisa's background, designing for privacy and control, internships vs. apprenticeships, design and code, multidisciplinary design, and more.

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    158: D.R.E.A.M. (feat. Bob Baxley)

    Today we caught up with Bob Baxley, a designer in Silicon Valley. Bob formerly led design at Pinterest, and before that built products at Apple and Yahoo!. We dig into topics like med-tech, managing millennials, Pokémon GO and Gen-Z, design in big tech, and so much more.

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    157: Walking Empathy Sponge (feat. Kory Westerhold)

    Today we sat down with Kory Westerhold, a designer at Facebook working on Newsfeed, who previously designed at Twitter, Apple, and more. We dig deep on video games, opinions in design, theater and story telling, portfolios, designing for newsfeed, carrying an Android phone, and balancing side projects.

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    156: Segue... (Feat. Alexandra Bond)

    Today we caught up with Alexandra Bond, a design fellow at Sequoia Creative Labs and previously a designer at Pinterest. We pick her brain about her origins, friction in design, transitioning into a product role, navigating the job search, answering the why, and more.

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    155: Duckicopters (feat. Athyuttam Reddy)

    Today we sat down with Athyuttam Reddy, a designer-engineer intern at Figma. We cover so much in this episode, including engineer design hybrid roles, getting a design job as a new grad, landing meaningful internships, becoming jaded, diversity and inclusivity, and so much more.

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    154: Dancing Baby Dior (feat. Irina Blok)

    Today we caught up with Irina Blok, a designer at Zendesk who has previously designed at Google, Yahoo, and Adobe (among so many other companies). We talk about brand and product, moving from Russia to California, designing in the real world, putting in the work, and much more.

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