Design Details

Design Details

A show about the people who design our favorite products. Hosted by Bryn Jackson and Brian Lovin.

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    210: Did I Write This? (feat. Jules Forrest)

    Today we caught up with Jules Forrest, a product designer making her way to Credit Karma by way of Sequoia, Medium, Optimizely, and more. In this episode we dig into Jules' background, building and launching side projects, discovering design systems, and so much more.

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    209: Charmander++ (feat. Brian Lovin & Bryn Jackson)

    This week we caught up Over the last two and a half years people have asked us questions about our own backgrounds, our journeys into design, starting side projects, building companies, how we manage working with each other so much, and more. So today we spent a while talking it through - we hope you enjoy listening!

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    208: Say More Things (feat. Josh Brewer)

    Today we caught up with Josh Brewer, the co-founder and CEO at Abstract, previously a principal designer at Twitter. In this episode we dig into the design tools ecosystem, how to launch a startup, social responsibility in product design, and so much more.

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    207: Livin' The Target Life (feat. Alex Estrada)

    Today we caught up with Alex Estrada, a product designer living in Salt Lake City, currently working at In this episode we dig into Alex's background in design, navigating startup highs and lows, moving to new cities, building teams, and so much more.

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    206: Aspirational Open Mindedness (feat. Mills Baker)

    Today we caught up with Mills Baker, a Design Manager at Quora, and previously a Product Designer at Facebook. In this extra-long episode, we dug into Mills' background, life in New Orleans, social mechanics, epistemology, and much more.

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    205: New York Calls (feat. Robyn Kanner)

    Today we caught up with Robyn Kanner, currently designing products at Etsy, co-founded MyTransHealth, and was previously an art director at Amazon (among other amazing roles). In this episode we dug into Robyn's background, her journey into the design field, escaping small towns, building MyTransHealth, and so much more.

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    204: Happy Online Darkness (feat. Morgane Santos)

    Today we caught up with Morgane Santos, a designer, developer and artist currently designing experiences at thoughtbot. In this episode we dig into Morgane's background, building games, learning VR and 3D, transitioning from programming to design, and so much more.

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    203: Pool Pod Improv (feat. Chantal Jandard)

    Today we caught up with Chantal Jandard, a designer currently building products at PlanGrid. In this episode we dig into Chantal's background, building a portfolio, learning how to interview, and...improv!

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    202: Botpito (feat. Diogenes Brito)

    Today we caught up with Diogenes Brito, a product designer at Slack who previously worked on LinkedIn and SquareSpace. In this episode we dig into Dio's background in design, navigating university, being a designer-y engineer, and so much more.

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    201: Thrown Under the Self Driving Bus (feat. Max Schoening)

    Today we caught up with Max Schoening, a designer, developer and product manager currently working at Google. In this episode we dig into Max's background in the field, building and selling startups, going serverless, the challenges of PMing, and so much more.

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