Design Details

Design Details

A show about the people who design our favorite products. Hosted by Bryn Jackson and Brian Lovin.

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    238: Grocery Social (feat. Julie Delanoy)

    Today we caught up with Julie Delanoy, a product designer currently building things at Product Hunt. In this episode we dig into Julie's journey to Product Hunt, working remotely, designing for communities, and so much more.

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    237: Hoppy Borthdoy (feat. Hartley Miller)

    Today we caught up with Hartley Miller, a product designer at Pinterest. In this episode we dig into what Hartley's working on, the ups and downs of not having a plan, finding meaning in work, and so much more.

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    236: TI-85 (feat. Charlie Cheever)

    Today we caught up with Charlie Cheever, the founder of Expo, an open source toolchain that helps people build native mobile apps (which we're using to build Spectrum!). In this episode we dig into the Charlie's path to working on Expo, including building calculator games, building Facebook Platform, co-founding Quora, and so much more.

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    235: Incremental Correctness (feat. Guillermo Rauch)

    Today we caught up with Guillermo Rauch, the founder of Zeit. We're huge fans of Guillermo's work, his contributions to the open source community, and the work that his team is doing at Zeit to make cloud computing more accessible. In this episode we dig into Guillermo's philosophies for building products, dive into the nitty gritty technical details of JavaScript and React, learn Guillermo's favorite mental models, and so much more.

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    234: Maximum Effort (feat. PJ Buddhari)

    To kick off 2018 we caught up with PJ Buddhari, a product designer currently working on the design systems team at Adobe. In this episode we dig into what it takes to put together a design system across such a huge lineup of products, moving to the US, PJ's path into design, and so much more.

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    229: Graphic DeSpyner (feat. Christina Nguyen)

    Today we caught up with Christina Nguyen, a designer in San Francisco currently working on Guilded. In this episode we get nostalgic about video games, talk about balancing hobbies and work when they overlap, going from dream job to startup, and so much more.

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