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Design Details

A show about the people who design our favorite products. Hosted by Bryn Jackson and Brian Lovin.

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    251: Hip-Hop & Horses (feat. Steph Engle)

    Today we caught up with Stephanie Engle, a product designer in SF currently working on self-driving cars at Cruise, previously designing social experiences in VR at Facebook. In this episode we dig into Stephanie's current work in the auto industry, and what it's like designing in-car experiences for self-driving cars. We also get into Stephanie's background as a designer, including how she found her way into the industry, how she ended up on the social VR team at Facebook, and so much more!

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    250: LIVE at Combine (feat. May-Li Khoe, Katie Dill & Soleio Cuervo)

    We made it! Another milestone in the Design Details archive: episode 250 🎉

    For this special episode we hosted a live show with our friends May-Li Khoe, Katie Dill, and Soleio Cuervo. In the conversation we dig into hiring junior designers, how to identify talent, equity and salary negotiations, building a career rubric, and so much more. Also, a huge thank you to Combine for hosting us in their beautiful new space!

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    249: Hi/Lo Technical (feat. Priyanka Kodikal)

    Today we caught up with Priyanka Kodikal, a product designer currently working at WhatsApp. In this episode we dig into Priyanka's work at WhatsApp and what it's like shipping to more than a billion people around the world. We also learn about Priyanka's journey from India to WhatsApp, and the winding path it took to land at her dream job.

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    248: OshKoshFigJosh (feat. Josh Dunsterville)

    Today we caught up with Josh Dunsterville, a designer and community manager currently building the community at Figma. In this episode we dig into Josh's work at Figma, diving deep into what it really means to grow a healthy online community. We also caught up with Josh about his journey into design, coming from a small town in Nevada to working remote for a technology company.

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    247: Give A Goat A Gobstopper (feat. Kyle Turman)

    Today we caught up with Kyle Turman, a product designer on the design systems team at Etsy. In this episode we dig into Kyle's work at Etsy on building seller-facing design systems, working remotely, the value of craft, and Bryn and Brian get a free therapy session.

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    246: Cats & Design Systems (feat. Diana Mounter & Brent Jackson)

    Today we dipped into a double-guest episode with our friends Diana Mounter and Brent Jackson! Diana and Brent are some of the best people working on design systems today, and in this episode we get to dig into the tools and workflows they've developed when working on systems, what they're excited about in design systems, and we even get technical to talk about the technologies that are change the way we build.

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    245: Sandwich Principal (feat. Tom Moor)

    Today we caught up with Tom Moor, a software engineer building Abstract. In this episode we dig into Tom's journey with startups, including his work at Buffer, Sqwiggle, Speak, Outline, and now Abstract. We also get to talk about Tom's current work at Abstract, evolving the design review, and so much more.

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    244: Peter Piper Pizza Party (feat. Claudio Vallejo)

    Today we caught up with Claudio Vallejo, a product designer currently working at Managed by Q in New York. In this episode we dig into Claudio's current work as a designer solving meat-space problems, his journey from Mexico to the United States, self discipline and burnout, and so much more.

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    243: Maximum Potassium (feat. Vlad Magdalin)

    Today we caught up with Vlad Magdalin, co-founder and CEO of Webflow. In this episode we dig into Vlad's history, moving from Russia to the US, his journey to Webflow, the challenges of starting up, raising money, and so much more.

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    242: Traitor Joe (feat. Victor Kernes)

    Today we caught up with Victor Kernes, a designer working on reversing type 2 diabetes at Virta. In this episode we dig into transitioning from marketing to design, working in the healthcare industry, advice to young designers, the traitor named Joe, and so much more.

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