Design Details

Design Details

A show about the people who design our favorite products. Hosted by Bryn Jackson and Brian Lovin.

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    222: Almost as Good as Cheese (feat. Fiona Rolander)

    Today we caught up with Fiona Rolander, a designer currently doing work at Spotify. In this episode we dig into Fiona's journey to becoming a designer, the ups and downs of freelancing, nomading, cheese, and so much more!

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    221: Rate The Fire (feat. Chikezie Ejiasi)

    Today we caught up with Chikezie Ejiasi, a designer currently working on Daydream at Google. In this episode we dig into building for VR, moving from softwared to hardware to virtual reality, design tooling, career navigation, and so much more.

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    220: Turtle Tiles (feat. Melody Quintana)

    Today we caught up with Melody Quintana, a designer and writer currently working at Dropbox. In this episode we dive into Melody's work on Dropbox Home, moving from content strategy to design, finding the Goldilocks company size, and so much more.

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    219: Artisanal Iceman (feat. Patrick Wong)

    Today we caught up with Patrick Wong, a design manager currently working at Lyft. In this episode we dig into Patricks journey into design, transitioning into management, preserving culture as a design team scales, working with design systems, and so much more.

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    218: How Dutch Can I Go? (feat. Owen Williams)

    Today we caught up with Owen Williams, a writer, developer, marketer, and most recently, full-time freelancer. In this episode we dig into building side projects with profitability in mind, making the leap to freelancing, being a generalist, and so much more.

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    217: Mystery Lifestyle (feat. Tyler Thompson)

    Today we caught up with Tyler Thompson, a designer and artist currently working at Stripe in San Francisco. In this episode we dig into Tyler's background as an artist, creative direction, job titles, escaping tech, and so much more.

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    216: Topo Geeko (feat. John Rodriguez)

    Today we caught up with John Rodriguez, aka J-Ro, a brand and marketing strategist currently working at Stage Two. In this episode we dig into the world of building hardware, brand and product marketing, working with early stage startups, and so much more.

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    215: Shared Coolness Mood Board (feat. Salih Abdul-Karim)

    Today we caught up with Salih Abdul-Karim, an experience and motion designer at AirBnb and a member of the team that created Lottie, an open source tool to easily add animations to native apps. In this episode we dig into Salih's journey into motion design, moving from NYC to SF, freelancing versus big co work, and so much more.

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    214: Hot Weather Hugs (feat. Greyson MacAlpine)

    Today we caught up with Greyson MacAlpine, a freelance designer currently working on Wild & Grey, a new creative studio. In this episode we dig into growing up, changing career paths, Greyson's road to design, and so much more.

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    213: 5,000 Horsepower (feat. Will Peng)

    Today we caught up with Will Peng, a designer, investor, and co-founder of a new startup, Northstar. In this episode we talk about building a company, transitioning from design to VC, making the leap out of VC, and so much more.

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