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Design Details

A show about the people who design our favorite products. Hosted by Bryn Jackson and Brian Lovin.

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    230: Recapisode #1 (Looking Back At 2017)

    Every year at this time we take a break and reflect on all of the wonderful conversations we've had during the past year.

    For people who are new to Design Details, we hope this is a nice sample of some of the topics and people we were able to meet in 2017. And for long-time listeners, we hope that like us, you'll enjoy this opportunity to recap everything we talked about last year.

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    229: Graphic DeSpyner (feat. Christina Nguyen)

    Today we caught up with Christina Nguyen, a designer in San Francisco currently working on Guilded. In this episode we get nostalgic about video games, talk about balancing hobbies and work when they overlap, going from dream job to startup, and so much more.

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    228: Empathy & Impostors (feat. Coleen Baik)

    Today we caught up with Coleen Baik, an independent designer and advisor en route to NYC via SF. In this episode we talk about Coleen's path into design, her work at Twitter, the responsibilities of designing at scale, expanding perspectives by traveling to North Korea, and so much more.

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    227: Hype Down (feat. Kathleen Warner)

    Today we caught up with Kathleen Warner, a product designer working at Facebook on the newsfeed team. In this episode we dig into Kathleen's path from music to product design, music production, getting to Facebook, and so much more.

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    226: Mood Lightning (feat. Rafael Conde)

    Today we caught up with Rafael Conde, a designer at Netlify and co-host of the Layout podcast. In this episode we talk about our own existential crises, the paths of ICs and managers, Rafa's story and journey to design, and so much more.

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    225: D.D.P.D. (feat. Zach Johnston)

    Today we caught up with Zach Johnston, a designer currently working on the design system at Dropbox. In this episode we talk about design systems, the role of a design system team, Zach's journey to and within Dropbox, and so much more.

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    224: Maybe It's The Carrots? (feat. Courtland Allen)

    Today we caught up with Courtland Allen, the creator of Indie Hackers. In this episode we dig into Courtland's background in engineering, design, and product building, how he ended up creating Indie Hackers, the journey to the Stripe acquisition, and so much more.

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    223: Demystified Denim (feat. Jessica Karle)

    Today we caught up with Jess Karle, the head of digital design at Everlane. In this episode we dig into Jess's work at the intersection of retail and e-commerce, hiring a design team, navigating startups to big-co, and so much more.

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    222: Almost as Good as Cheese (feat. Fiona Rolander)

    Today we caught up with Fiona Rolander, a designer currently doing work at Spotify. In this episode we dig into Fiona's journey to becoming a designer, the ups and downs of freelancing, nomading, cheese, and so much more!

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    221: Rate The Fire (feat. Chikezie Ejiasi)

    Today we caught up with Chikezie Ejiasi, a designer currently working on Daydream at Google. In this episode we dig into building for VR, moving from softwared to hardware to virtual reality, design tooling, career navigation, and so much more.

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