Design Details

Design Details

A weekly conversation about design process and culture. Hosted by Marshall Bock and Brian Lovin.

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    264: Oven Mittens

    This week, we answer two listener questions about designing for the tech-unsavvy and providing value as an inexperienced designer. In news, we discuss the latest anniversary set from Ugmonk and a new audio-only feature from Periscope. Lastly, we wrap up with cool things, including a ridiculously thorough typeface and a utility that remembers your window layouts.

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    263: News, News, and More News

    This week, we discuss a bunch of news, including a Twitter reply threading concept, a new Apple Watch face, Principle 4.0, and Chrome with a Material Design 2 overhaul. Then we share a couple cool things: Marshall is hype on an upcoming game, and Brian invites you to test your typography chops.

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    262: Taste Acquisition (feat. Iheanyi Ekechukwu)

    This week, we talk with Iheanyi Ekechukwu about his side project Seeker, starting from scratch at a new gig, and the best advice he's ever gotten. Then we share a few cool things, including a tracing library, a decentralized phone, and a Mac utility.

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    261: Reverse Midas

    This week, Brian and Marshall debate the iteration period between whiteboard sketches and high-fidelity mocks. In news, Discord announces a store, Breaker announces a podcast marketplace, and Refactoring UI is going to be a book. Finally, a couple cool things like a wall-mounted home gym and a book about capturing attention.

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    260: Mutual Admiration Society

    This week, Brian explains React to Marshall like he's five, we recap some highlights from the Zeit React meetup, and then discuss the eternal quandary that is password management.

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    259: Everything Is a Spec

    This week, we recap last week's Fight Me poll results, cover some news on React and Firefox, answer a listener question about professional labels, review a listener's side project, and share a couple cool things.

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    258: A Foot in the Door

    This week, we debut the new format! First, Marshall formally introduces himself, and we answer a listener's question about how to get their foot in the UX door. Then we cover a few headlines, fight about stock vs. third-party apps, and share a couple cool things.

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    257: Here It Goes Again

    In this quick episode, we welcome Marshall Bock as a new co-host and offer a sneak peek of the show's future format.

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    256: DD_final_final_FINAL.mp3 (feat. Sam Soffes)

    Today's episode is our final recording with Bryn, and to send him off we had none-other than our very first Design Details guest, Sam Soffes, back on the show. In this episode we talk about side projects, celebrity, knowing when to stop working on an idea, and what's next for the three of us.

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    255: Design Caretaker (feat. Charlie Sutton)

    Today we caught up with Charlie Sutton, a Product Design Director at Facebook currently working on Games and Video, previously working on Social VR. In this episode we dig into the world of gaming and Facebook's involvement in the growing industry, taking on large unknown responsibilities at a young age, sticking around at companies to the bitter end, and so much more.

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