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Design Details

A weekly conversation about design process and culture. Hosted by Marshall Bock and Brian Lovin.

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    265: Travel Edition

    This week, we're both trotting the globe in Japan and China, so we discuss some interesting accessibility features we've encountered during our travels. And Apple had a event announcing new iPhones and a new Watch, so (of course) we talk about that stuff.

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    264: Oven Mittens

    This week, we answer two listener questions about designing for the tech-unsavvy and providing value as an inexperienced designer. In news, we discuss the latest anniversary set from Ugmonk and a new audio-only feature from Periscope. Lastly, we wrap up with cool things, including a ridiculously thorough typeface and a utility that remembers your window layouts.

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    263: News, News, and More News

    This week, we discuss a bunch of news, including a Twitter reply threading concept, a new Apple Watch face, Principle 4.0, and Chrome with a Material Design 2 overhaul. Then we share a couple cool things: Marshall is hype on an upcoming game, and Brian invites you to test your typography chops.

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    262: Taste Acquisition (feat. Iheanyi Ekechukwu)

    This week, we talk with Iheanyi Ekechukwu about his side project Seeker, starting from scratch at a new gig, and the best advice he's ever gotten. Then we share a few cool things, including a tracing library, a decentralized phone, and a Mac utility.

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    261: Reverse Midas

    This week, Brian and Marshall debate the iteration period between whiteboard sketches and high-fidelity mocks. In news, Discord announces a store, Breaker announces a podcast marketplace, and Refactoring UI is going to be a book. Finally, a couple cool things like a wall-mounted home gym and a book about capturing attention.

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    260: Mutual Admiration Society

    This week, Brian explains React to Marshall like he's five, we recap some highlights from the Zeit React meetup, and then discuss the eternal quandary that is password management.

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    259: Everything Is a Spec

    This week, we recap last week's Fight Me poll results, cover some news on React and Firefox, answer a listener question about professional labels, review a listener's side project, and share a couple cool things.

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    258: A Foot in the Door

    This week, we debut the new format! First, Marshall formally introduces himself, and we answer a listener's question about how to get their foot in the UX door. Then we cover a few headlines, fight about stock vs. third-party apps, and share a couple cool things.

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    257: Here It Goes Again

    In this quick episode, we welcome Marshall Bock as a new co-host and offer a sneak peek of the show's future format.

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    256: DD_final_final_FINAL.mp3 (feat. Sam Soffes)

    Today's episode is our final recording with Bryn, and to send him off we had none-other than our very first Design Details guest, Sam Soffes, back on the show. In this episode we talk about side projects, celebrity, knowing when to stop working on an idea, and what's next for the three of us.

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    255: Design Caretaker (feat. Charlie Sutton)

    Today we caught up with Charlie Sutton, a Product Design Director at Facebook currently working on Games and Video, previously working on Social VR. In this episode we dig into the world of gaming and Facebook's involvement in the growing industry, taking on large unknown responsibilities at a young age, sticking around at companies to the bitter end, and so much more.

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    254: The People's Champion (feat. Fabian Perez)

    Today we caught up with Fabian Perez, the Director of Product Design at Splice, previously the Director of Product Design at GitHub. In today's episode we talk about the state of the music industry, the revolution of version control, becoming a manager at a young age, knowing when to switch jobs, and so much more.

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    253: Follow The Troll Flow (feat. May-Li Khoe & Chikezie Ejiasi)

    Today we sat down with May-Li Khoe and Chikezie Ejiasi to talk about building diverse teams. We dig deep into the problems of monocultures, how to think about team building as both an individual contributor and as a manager, actionable tactics to safely onboard and encourage a culture of diversity, and so much more.

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    252: Furniture Nomadic (feat. Mu-An Chiou)

    Today we caught up with Mu-An Chiou, a developer working on the web systems team at GitHub, previously a product designer at GitHub. In this episode we dig into what Mu-An is excited about in the world of web development and upcoming browser APIs, transitioning from product design to development, and the long journey to landing a gig at GitHub.

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    251: Hip-Hop & Horses (feat. Steph Engle)

    Today we caught up with Stephanie Engle, a product designer in SF currently working on self-driving cars at Cruise, previously designing social experiences in VR at Facebook. In this episode we dig into Stephanie's current work in the auto industry, and what it's like designing in-car experiences for self-driving cars. We also get into Stephanie's background as a designer, including how she found her way into the industry, how she ended up on the social VR team at Facebook, and so much more!

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    250: LIVE at Combine (feat. May-Li Khoe, Katie Dill & Soleio Cuervo)

    We made it! Another milestone in the Design Details archive: episode 250 🎉

    For this special episode we hosted a live show with our friends May-Li Khoe, Katie Dill, and Soleio Cuervo. In the conversation we dig into hiring junior designers, how to identify talent, equity and salary negotiations, building a career rubric, and so much more. Also, a huge thank you to Combine for hosting us in their beautiful new space!

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    249: Hi/Lo Technical (feat. Priyanka Kodikal)

    Today we caught up with Priyanka Kodikal, a product designer currently working at WhatsApp. In this episode we dig into Priyanka's work at WhatsApp and what it's like shipping to more than a billion people around the world. We also learn about Priyanka's journey from India to WhatsApp, and the winding path it took to land at her dream job.

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    248: OshKoshFigJosh (feat. Josh Dunsterville)

    Today we caught up with Josh Dunsterville, a designer and community manager currently building the community at Figma. In this episode we dig into Josh's work at Figma, diving deep into what it really means to grow a healthy online community. We also caught up with Josh about his journey into design, coming from a small town in Nevada to working remote for a technology company.

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    247: Give A Goat A Gobstopper (feat. Kyle Turman)

    Today we caught up with Kyle Turman, a product designer on the design systems team at Etsy. In this episode we dig into Kyle's work at Etsy on building seller-facing design systems, working remotely, the value of craft, and Bryn and Brian get a free therapy session.

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    246: Cats & Design Systems (feat. Diana Mounter & Brent Jackson)

    Today we dipped into a double-guest episode with our friends Diana Mounter and Brent Jackson! Diana and Brent are some of the best people working on design systems today, and in this episode we get to dig into the tools and workflows they've developed when working on systems, what they're excited about in design systems, and we even get technical to talk about the technologies that are change the way we build.

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    245: Sandwich Principal (feat. Tom Moor)

    Today we caught up with Tom Moor, a software engineer building Abstract. In this episode we dig into Tom's journey with startups, including his work at Buffer, Sqwiggle, Speak, Outline, and now Abstract. We also get to talk about Tom's current work at Abstract, evolving the design review, and so much more.

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    244: Peter Piper Pizza Party (feat. Claudio Vallejo)

    Today we caught up with Claudio Vallejo, a product designer currently working at Managed by Q in New York. In this episode we dig into Claudio's current work as a designer solving meat-space problems, his journey from Mexico to the United States, self discipline and burnout, and so much more.

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    243: Maximum Potassium (feat. Vlad Magdalin)

    Today we caught up with Vlad Magdalin, co-founder and CEO of Webflow. In this episode we dig into Vlad's history, moving from Russia to the US, his journey to Webflow, the challenges of starting up, raising money, and so much more.

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    242: Traitor Joe (feat. Victor Kernes)

    Today we caught up with Victor Kernes, a designer working on reversing type 2 diabetes at Virta. In this episode we dig into transitioning from marketing to design, working in the healthcare industry, advice to young designers, the traitor named Joe, and so much more.

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    241: Toast, The Bread (feat. Meg Robichaud)

    Today we caught up once again with our good friend Meg Robichaud. Meg draws things for money, and is currently doing so at Lyft. In this episode we dig into what she's been up to over the last two years, the journey to Lyft, freelance vs. in-house, moving to San Francisco, and so much more.

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    240: Proxima Nova Revolution (feat. Hardik Pandya)

    Today we caught up with Hardik Pandya, a product designer at Google in India, currently working on GSuite and Google Photos. In this episode we dig into Hardik's background and discovery of design, working from startups to Google, the design scene and tech landscape in India, and so much more.

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    239: Data Ultra (feat. Lin Wang)

    Today we caught up with Lin Wang, a product designer working on the Core Passenger team at Lyft. In this episode we dig into Lin's background, her journey from China to SF, moving from graphic to product design, and how she eventually landed a job at Lyft.

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    238: Grocery Social (feat. Julie Delanoy)

    Today we caught up with Julie Delanoy, a product designer currently building things at Product Hunt. In this episode we dig into Julie's journey to Product Hunt, working remotely, designing for communities, and so much more.

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    237: Hoppy Borthdoy (feat. Hartley Miller)

    Today we caught up with Hartley Miller, a product designer at Pinterest. In this episode we dig into what Hartley's working on, the ups and downs of not having a plan, finding meaning in work, and so much more.

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    236: TI-85 (feat. Charlie Cheever)

    Today we caught up with Charlie Cheever, the founder of Expo, an open source toolchain that helps people build native mobile apps (which we're using to build Spectrum!). In this episode we dig into the Charlie's path to working on Expo, including building calculator games, building Facebook Platform, co-founding Quora, and so much more.

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    235: Incremental Correctness (feat. Guillermo Rauch)

    Today we caught up with Guillermo Rauch, the founder of Zeit. We're huge fans of Guillermo's work, his contributions to the open source community, and the work that his team is doing at Zeit to make cloud computing more accessible. In this episode we dig into Guillermo's philosophies for building products, dive into the nitty gritty technical details of JavaScript and React, learn Guillermo's favorite mental models, and so much more.

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    234: Maximum Effort (feat. PJ Buddhari)

    To kick off 2018 we caught up with PJ Buddhari, a product designer currently working on the design systems team at Adobe. In this episode we dig into what it takes to put together a design system across such a huge lineup of products, moving to the US, PJ's path into design, and so much more.

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    229: Graphic DeSpyner (feat. Christina Nguyen)

    Today we caught up with Christina Nguyen, a designer in San Francisco currently working on Guilded. In this episode we get nostalgic about video games, talk about balancing hobbies and work when they overlap, going from dream job to startup, and so much more.

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    228: Empathy & Impostors (feat. Coleen Baik)

    Today we caught up with Coleen Baik, an independent designer and advisor en route to NYC via SF. In this episode we talk about Coleen's path into design, her work at Twitter, the responsibilities of designing at scale, expanding perspectives by traveling to North Korea, and so much more.

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    227: Hype Down (feat. Kathleen Warner)

    Today we caught up with Kathleen Warner, a product designer working at Facebook on the newsfeed team. In this episode we dig into Kathleen's path from music to product design, music production, getting to Facebook, and so much more.

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    226: Mood Lightning (feat. Rafael Conde)

    Today we caught up with Rafael Conde, a designer at Netlify and co-host of the Layout podcast. In this episode we talk about our own existential crises, the paths of ICs and managers, Rafa's story and journey to design, and so much more.

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    225: D.D.P.D. (feat. Zach Johnston)

    Today we caught up with Zach Johnston, a designer currently working on the design system at Dropbox. In this episode we talk about design systems, the role of a design system team, Zach's journey to and within Dropbox, and so much more.

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    224: Maybe It's The Carrots? (feat. Courtland Allen)

    Today we caught up with Courtland Allen, the creator of Indie Hackers. In this episode we dig into Courtland's background in engineering, design, and product building, how he ended up creating Indie Hackers, the journey to the Stripe acquisition, and so much more.

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    223: Demystified Denim (feat. Jessica Karle)

    Today we caught up with Jess Karle, the head of digital design at Everlane. In this episode we dig into Jess's work at the intersection of retail and e-commerce, hiring a design team, navigating startups to big-co, and so much more.

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    222: Almost as Good as Cheese (feat. Fiona Rolander)

    Today we caught up with Fiona Rolander, a designer currently doing work at Spotify. In this episode we dig into Fiona's journey to becoming a designer, the ups and downs of freelancing, nomading, cheese, and so much more!

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    221: Rate The Fire (feat. Chikezie Ejiasi)

    Today we caught up with Chikezie Ejiasi, a designer currently working on Daydream at Google. In this episode we dig into building for VR, moving from softwared to hardware to virtual reality, design tooling, career navigation, and so much more.

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    220: Turtle Tiles (feat. Melody Quintana)

    Today we caught up with Melody Quintana, a designer and writer currently working at Dropbox. In this episode we dive into Melody's work on Dropbox Home, moving from content strategy to design, finding the Goldilocks company size, and so much more.

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    219: Artisanal Iceman (feat. Patrick Wong)

    Today we caught up with Patrick Wong, a design manager currently working at Lyft. In this episode we dig into Patricks journey into design, transitioning into management, preserving culture as a design team scales, working with design systems, and so much more.

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    218: How Dutch Can I Go? (feat. Owen Williams)

    Today we caught up with Owen Williams, a writer, developer, marketer, and most recently, full-time freelancer. In this episode we dig into building side projects with profitability in mind, making the leap to freelancing, being a generalist, and so much more.

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    217: Mystery Lifestyle (feat. Tyler Thompson)

    Today we caught up with Tyler Thompson, a designer and artist currently working at Stripe in San Francisco. In this episode we dig into Tyler's background as an artist, creative direction, job titles, escaping tech, and so much more.

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    216: Topo Geeko (feat. John Rodriguez)

    Today we caught up with John Rodriguez, aka J-Ro, a brand and marketing strategist currently working at Stage Two. In this episode we dig into the world of building hardware, brand and product marketing, working with early stage startups, and so much more.

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    215: Shared Coolness Mood Board (feat. Salih Abdul-Karim)

    Today we caught up with Salih Abdul-Karim, an experience and motion designer at AirBnb and a member of the team that created Lottie, an open source tool to easily add animations to native apps. In this episode we dig into Salih's journey into motion design, moving from NYC to SF, freelancing versus big co work, and so much more.

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    214: Hot Weather Hugs (feat. Greyson MacAlpine)

    Today we caught up with Greyson MacAlpine, a freelance designer currently working on Wild & Grey, a new creative studio. In this episode we dig into growing up, changing career paths, Greyson's road to design, and so much more.

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    213: 5,000 Horsepower (feat. Will Peng)

    Today we caught up with Will Peng, a designer, investor, and co-founder of a new startup, Northstar. In this episode we talk about building a company, transitioning from design to VC, making the leap out of VC, and so much more.

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    212: Extreme Portfolio Makeover (feat. Conway Anderson)

    Today we caught up with Conway Anderson, a designer and developer currently working on connecting designers and opportunities with a new, unreleased product. In this episode we dig into Conway's beginnings, finding design, hiring and getting hired, faking it, and so much more.

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    211: Sunshine In A Bag (feat. Mercedes Bazan)

    Today we caught up with Mercedes Bazan, a designer at Stripe by way of Argentina. In this episode we dig into Mechi's background, her journey into design, moving to the US, designing for print inside a high tech company, and so much more.

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    210: Did I Write This? (feat. Jules Forrest)

    Today we caught up with Jules Forrest, a product designer making her way to Credit Karma by way of Sequoia, Medium, Optimizely, and more. In this episode we dig into Jules' background, building and launching side projects, discovering design systems, and so much more.

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    209: Charmander++ (feat. Brian Lovin & Bryn Jackson)

    This week we caught up Over the last two and a half years people have asked us questions about our own backgrounds, our journeys into design, starting side projects, building companies, how we manage working with each other so much, and more. So today we spent a while talking it through - we hope you enjoy listening!

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    208: Say More Things (feat. Josh Brewer)

    Today we caught up with Josh Brewer, the co-founder and CEO at Abstract, previously a principal designer at Twitter. In this episode we dig into the design tools ecosystem, how to launch a startup, social responsibility in product design, and so much more.

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    207: Livin' The Target Life (feat. Alex Estrada)

    Today we caught up with Alex Estrada, a product designer living in Salt Lake City, currently working at In this episode we dig into Alex's background in design, navigating startup highs and lows, moving to new cities, building teams, and so much more.

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    206: Aspirational Open Mindedness (feat. Mills Baker)

    Today we caught up with Mills Baker, a Design Manager at Quora, and previously a Product Designer at Facebook. In this extra-long episode, we dug into Mills' background, life in New Orleans, social mechanics, epistemology, and much more.

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    205: New York Calls (feat. Robyn Kanner)

    Today we caught up with Robyn Kanner, currently designing products at Etsy, co-founded MyTransHealth, and was previously an art director at Amazon (among other amazing roles). In this episode we dug into Robyn's background, her journey into the design field, escaping small towns, building MyTransHealth, and so much more.

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    204: Happy Online Darkness (feat. Morgane Santos)

    Today we caught up with Morgane Santos, a designer, developer and artist currently designing experiences at thoughtbot. In this episode we dig into Morgane's background, building games, learning VR and 3D, transitioning from programming to design, and so much more.

  63. Thumb 1498000324 artwork

    203: Pool Pod Improv (feat. Chantal Jandard)

    Today we caught up with Chantal Jandard, a designer currently building products at PlanGrid. In this episode we dig into Chantal's background, building a portfolio, learning how to interview, and...improv!

  64. Thumb 1497405748 artwork

    202: Botpito (feat. Diogenes Brito)

    Today we caught up with Diogenes Brito, a product designer at Slack who previously worked on LinkedIn and SquareSpace. In this episode we dig into Dio's background in design, navigating university, being a designer-y engineer, and so much more.

  65. Thumb 1496817165 artwork

    201: Thrown Under the Self Driving Bus (feat. Max Schoening)

    Today we caught up with Max Schoening, a designer, developer and product manager currently working at Google. In this episode we dig into Max's background in the field, building and selling startups, going serverless, the challenges of PMing, and so much more.

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    200: Karate Chop Feels (feat. Josh Williams)

    We made it to episode 200! Today we caught up with Josh Williams, a designer currently doing independent work, who is best known for previously co-founding Gowalla and designing at Facebook. In this episode we dig into identity in the startup industry, building and selling a company, modern day inspiration, putting out fires, and so much more.

  67. Thumb 1495591328 artwork

    199: The Ballad of Computer Boy (feat. Judson Collier)

    Today we caught up with Judson Collier, a designer working at the brand design studio at Intercom. In this episode we dig into Judson's background, finding a team, being a freelancer, the merits of kale pizza, and so much more.

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    198: Berry Ink For Bears (feat. Janum Trivedi)

    Today we caught up with Janum Trivedi, a designer and developer currently interning at Apple. In this show we dig deep on internships, side projects, the state of the web, dependency trees, Dungeons and Dragons, and so much more.

  69. Thumb 1494376449 artwork

    197: Chillaphobia (feat. Rachel Been)

    Today we caught up with Rachel Been, a creative director at Google working on the Material Design team. In this episode we dig deep into building design systems, creative and art direction, international empathy, machine learning in design, and so much more.

  70. Thumb 1493760045 artwork

    196: What is Button? (feat. Rafael Conde & Kevin Clark)

    In today's episode we caught up with our fellow Spec podcasters and designers, Rafael Conde and Kevin Clark, to talk about podcasting, side projects, building design systems, design obsession, and so much more.

  71. Thumb 1493145081 artwork

    195: Weird Old Grandma (feat. Helen Tran)

    Today we caught up with Helen Tran, a design lead at Shopify, writer, and explorer. In this episode we dig into Helen's background, finding motivation, design management, bodybuilding, being interesting, and so much more.

  72. Thumb 1492563386 artwork

    194: That's So Hot Topic (feat. Kevin Smith)

    Today we caught up with Kevin Smith, co-founder and CTO at Abstract. In this episode we dig into Kevin's origins, the state of design tools and design workflows, focus and productivity, and so much more.

  73. Thumb 1491882963 artwork

    193: Puppy Bears (feat. Laura Helen Winn)

    Today we caught up with Laura Helen Winn, an independent designer and photographer in San Francisco. In this show we dig into Laura's background, planning life, self employment, overwork, happiness and listening, and so much more.

  74. Thumb 1491283707 artwork

    192: One Stuff At A Time (feat. Joel Califa)

    Today we caught up with Joel Califa, a design manager at Digital Ocean. In this episode we discuss the state of design Twitter, design quality and process, managing up, hiring designers, rethinking empathy, and so much more.

  75. Thumb 1490724021 artwork

    191: Triangle of Passions (feat. Will Newton)

    Today we sat down with Will Newton, a product designer at Gusto who previously worked on Crossfader. In this episode we dig into Will's upcoming April Fools hijinks, his journey to San Francisco, finding balance in self-improvement, the triangle of passions, and so much more.

  76. Thumb 1489883074 artwork

    190: Brain Drain (feat. Christine Røde)

    Today we caught up with Christine Røde, a brand and interaction designer working in Amsterdam who previously worked at Facebook on Workplace and search. In this episode we dig into Christine's background, her journey to San Francisco, navigating startup and big company life, and her advice to folks outside the Bay Area.

  77. Thumb 1489529902 artwork

    189: Done Goofed (feat. Max Stoiber)

    Today we caught up with Max Stoiber, the creator of Styled Components and React Boilerplate (among many other projects), and a massive contributor overall to the world of open-source Javascript. We dig into Max's background, designing with code, building in the open, and so much more.

  78. Thumb 1488953937 artwork

    188: Doodle Television (feat. Kathy Zheng)

    Today we caught up with Kathy Zheng, a designer at GitHub, previously at Patreon. In this episode we dig into failure and taking chances, hiring early designers, learning how to communicate, and so much more.

  79. Thumb 1488347803 artwork

    187: Performance Enhancing Calculators (feat. Ryhan Hassan)

    Today we caught up with Ryhan Hassan, a designer at Dropbox who previously worked on Paper. We dig into Ryhan's background, his transition from development to design, building side projects, easter eggs, and more.

  80. Thumb 1487635523 artwork

    186: Bucket Heads (feat. Sarah Pease)

    Today we caught up with Sarah Pease, a designer at Facebook, previously building Figma. In this episode we go deep on buckets and furniture design, designing for civic engagement, taking risks, and so much more.

  81. Thumb 1487099846 artwork

    185: Orland & Portlando (feat. Matt Spiel)

    Today we caught up with Matt Spiel, the Director of Design at Treehouse, visiting us by way of Missouri. We learn about his destiny in Arizona, design activism, remote work, company hierarchy, taking bets on people, managing designers, and so much more.

  82. Thumb 1486500017 artwork

    184: Three Scarves (feat. Meredith Schomburg)

    Today we caught up with Meredith Schomburg, a designer and illustrator at Airbnb. We dig into the impact of illustration, finding the right team at Airbnb, finding role models and fulfillment, and so much more.

  83. Thumb 1485809147 artwork

    183: Vicious Soda Can (feat. Cat Noone)

    Today we caught up with Cat Noone, a designer and founder currently working on a new startup, Iris. In this episode we learn how to do math on our fingers, discuss how to navigate a career and different types of companies, learn what it takes to bootstrap a startup, hear Cat's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, and so much more.

  84. Thumb 1485286176 artwork

    182: Sugar Puppy (feat. Jenny Johannesson

    Today we caught up with Jenny Johannesson, a designer at Ueno, previously at Fantasy and DDB, who currently lives in San Francisco by way of Sweden. We dig into Jenny's background, design confidence, green cards and visas, that sweet agency life, advice for young designers, and so much more.

  85. Thumb 1484688594 artwork

    181: 5,000 Tickets Gets The Gum (feat. Alex Cornell)

    Today we caught up with Alex Cornell, a product designer at Facebook, filmmaker, book writer, musician, photographer, and so much more. We dig deep into his thoughts on finding fulfillment, growing as a communicator, fame, the good ol' days of design communities, and more.

  86. Thumb 1482803484 artwork

    180: Best of 2016 (Part 3)

    For the next week we're taking some time off with our friends and family – to tide everyone over, we've compiled three episodes with some of our favorite clips of 2016. We hope you enjoy listening back and rediscovering some of our episodes from this year, and we'll be back with new interviews in 2017!

  87. Thumb 1482798529 artwork

    179: Best of 2016 (Part 2)

    For the next two weeks we're taking some time off with our friends and family – to tide everyone over, we've compiled three episodes with some of our favorite clips of 2016. We hope you enjoy listening back and rediscovering some of our episodes from this year, and we'll be back with new interviews in 2017!

  88. Thumb 1482797813 artwork

    178: Best of 2016 (Part 1)

    For the next three weeks we're taking some time off with our friends and family – to tide everyone over, we've compiled three episodes with some of our favorite clips of 2016. We hope you enjoy listening back and rediscovering some of our episodes from this year, and we'll be back with new interviews in 2017!

  89. Thumb 1482268430 artwork

    177: Chocolate Soul Cup (feat. Jon Schlossberg)

    Today we sat down with Jon Schlossberg, the cofounder and CEO at Even. We had a wonderful chat with Jon, digging into his path to becoming a designer, developing the skills of critical thinking, the cognitive energy cup, designing against inequality, telling the truth, and so much more.

  90. Thumb 1481226428 artwork

    176: Location Irrelevance (feat. Juan Arreguin)

    Today we caught up with longtime-friend and freelance designer Juan Arreguin. We dig into Juan's origins as a designer in the midwest, the body as design, building a community in San Francisco, designing as a nomad, and so much more.

  91. Thumb 1480546142 artwork

    175: Honeymoon & Humble Ping-Pong (feat. Claire Tauziet)

    Today we caught up with Claire Tauziet, a designer at Google, previously at BigCommerce, by way of France. We dig into Claire's background, sharing past work, building a career in a new country, advice for young designers, and so much more.

  92. Thumb 1480209092 artwork

    174: Lava Lamp Nail Salon (feat. Noah Levin)

    Today we caught up with Noah Levin, a design manager at ClassPass, previously building the Google app for iOS, and before that a designer at NASA. We dig into Noah's origins, wireframing and visual design, navigating design at a big company, stigmas in therapy, imposter syndrome, and so much more.

  93. Thumb 1479857704 artwork

    173: Grammar Different (feat. Leigh Taylor)

    Today we caught up with Leigh Taylor, a freelancing designer previously building AI design systems at The Grid. In this conversation, we dig into chasing people versus jobs, predictability and consistency, design patterns, living like you're retired, and so much more.

  94. Thumb 1479254572 artwork

    172: That Sweater Life (feat. Tegan Mierle)

    Today we caught up with Tegan Mierle, a designer at Sense, living in SF by way of Toronto. We dig into Tegan's origins, how she built her own business, the fears around sharing work, maintaining balance, and so much more.

  95. Thumb 1478651346 artwork

    171: Never Not Crunched (feat. Sarah Marie & Marshall Bock)

    Today was a different kind of episode, featuring return friends of the show Marshall Bock and Sarah Marie. We had a more casual conversation, digging into topics like shutting down side projects, giving up, accountability and motivation, time management, and so much more.

  96. Thumb 1478041949 artwork

    170: #BringBackThePipes (feat. Majd Taby)

    Today we caught up with Majd Taby, the founder of Darkroom who previously built products at Instagram, Facebook and Apple. We dig into his story as a software engineer and designer, hiring at tech companies, being scrappy, emotion in building products, finding work that matters, and so much more.

  97. Thumb 1477435737 artwork

    169: Invisible Unicorns (feat. Maykel Loomans)

    Today we caught up once again with Maykel Loomans, a designer on Facebook's Search team and previously at Instagram. We dig into what Maykel has been up to this past year, building a career as a designer, mentorship, photography, and so much more.

  98. Thumb 1476833997 artwork

    168: Auto Goats (feat. Koen Bok and Jorn van Dijk)

    Today we caught up with Koen Bok and Jorn van Dijk, the co-founders of Framer, previously building products at Facebook and Sofa. This was a fun episode where we went deep into topics like building a startup in Amsterdam, the future of design tools, how to help designers level up, and so much more.

  99. Thumb 1476226456 artwork

    167: Daisy Chained Brains (feat. Payam Rajabi)

    Today we caught up with Payam Rajabi, a designer at Shopify working on design systems and product development. We dig into Payam's background, building design systems, designing with content and form, learning how to work remotely, and so much more.

  100. Thumb 1475614369 artwork

    166: Ambient Struggles (feat. May-Li Khoe & Andy Matuschak)

    Today's show is a rare two-person episode featuring previous-guest May-Li Khoe and newcomer Andy Matuschak. In this episode we do things a bit different, digging into tough topics like fear, learning how to learn, designing with convictions, working on the right problems, and so much more.

  101. Thumb 1475033286 artwork

    165: Whitespace Friends (feat. Lori Kaplan)

    Today we caught up with Lori Kaplan, a designer with 30 years of experience at companies like Apple, Netscape, Netflix, Motorola, and Groupon (among many others). We chat about Lori's journey into design, what it takes to design organizations, navigating job changes throughout a career, writing the Macintosh human interface guidelines, beating imposter syndrome, and more.

  102. Thumb 1474267528 artwork

    164: Maximum Vignelli (feat. Lucas Smith)

    In this episode, we hung out the one and only Lucas Smith. We covered everything from design systems, to fighting your CFO, and even the hot new front-end framework, Haskell.

  103. Thumb 1473804467 artwork

    163: Guardrails (feat. Ben Wilkins)

    Today we caught up with Ben Wilkins, a design technologist building systems at Airbnb. We dig into what it takes to build design systems, coding as prototyping, the current world of design tools, and so much more.

  104. Thumb 1473140210 artwork

    162: Gnarwhale (feat. Andy Chung)

    Today we met with Andy Chung, a designer building Pattern, and previously working at Facebook. We dig into Andy's beginnings, designing at Facebook, understanding changes at scale, bringing Reactions to market, intuition-driven design, and more.

  105. Thumb 1472439319 artwork

    161: Coming Soon (feat. Julia Khusainova)

    Today we sat down with Julia Khusainova, a designer at Shyp, previously at Twitter. We dig into Julia's background, leaving Russia, transitioning from engineering to design, designing onboarding experiences, facing burnout, balancing side projects, and more.

  106. Thumb 1472436798 artwork

    160: Unicorn Farts (feat. Dr. Charles Pearson)

    Today we sat down with Dr. Charles Pearson, a cultural anthropologist working at InVision. We dig into Charles' thoughts on anthropology, research in design and startups, exploratory design, personas, legacy, and so much more.

  107. Thumb 1471895101 artwork

    159: Twe-mail (feat. Lisa Sy)

    Today we caught up with Lisa Sy, a designer working at Facebook, and previously building products at thoughtbot. We dig into Lisa's background, designing for privacy and control, internships vs. apprenticeships, design and code, multidisciplinary design, and more.

  108. Thumb 1471730592 artwork

    158: D.R.E.A.M. (feat. Bob Baxley)

    Today we caught up with Bob Baxley, a designer in Silicon Valley. Bob formerly led design at Pinterest, and before that built products at Apple and Yahoo!. We dig into topics like med-tech, managing millennials, Pokémon GO and Gen-Z, design in big tech, and so much more.

  109. Thumb 1471305417 artwork

    157: Walking Empathy Sponge (feat. Kory Westerhold)

    Today we sat down with Kory Westerhold, a designer at Facebook working on Newsfeed, who previously designed at Twitter, Apple, and more. We dig deep on video games, opinions in design, theater and story telling, portfolios, designing for newsfeed, carrying an Android phone, and balancing side projects.

  110. Thumb 1470173394 artwork

    156: Segue... (Feat. Alexandra Bond)

    Today we caught up with Alexandra Bond, a design fellow at Sequoia Creative Labs and previously a designer at Pinterest. We pick her brain about her origins, friction in design, transitioning into a product role, navigating the job search, answering the why, and more.

  111. Thumb 1469831095 artwork

    155: Duckicopters (feat. Athyuttam Reddy)

    Today we sat down with Athyuttam Reddy, a designer-engineer intern at Figma. We cover so much in this episode, including engineer design hybrid roles, getting a design job as a new grad, landing meaningful internships, becoming jaded, diversity and inclusivity, and so much more.

  112. Thumb 1469743679 artwork

    154: Dancing Baby Dior (feat. Irina Blok)

    Today we caught up with Irina Blok, a designer at Zendesk who has previously designed at Google, Yahoo, and Adobe (among so many other companies). We talk about brand and product, moving from Russia to California, designing in the real world, putting in the work, and much more.

  113. Thumb 1469743537 artwork

    153: Khaleesi of the Couch (feat. Jeany Ngo)

    Today we caught up with Jeany Ngo, a designer by day at Airbnb, artist and creator and cosplayer by night. We dig into her journey into design, internships and hustle, art and cosplay, aphantasia and logic, and so much more.

  114. Thumb 1469743330 artwork

    152: Maniacal Easy-Bake (feat. Beth Dean)

    Today we caught up with Beth Dean, a designer at Facebook, avid hiker, creator of toys and comics, illustrator, and artist. We dig into Beth's journey into design, adventures in SF, designing at Facebook, transitional states in design, and so much more.

  115. Thumb 1469338287 artwork

    151: 100-Armed Octopus (feat. Mackey Saturday)

    Today we got to catch up for a second time with Mackey Saturday, a brand and logo designer at CGH in New York. We dig deep into logo and brand design, working for free, making mistakes, and so much more.

  116. Thumb 1469407729 artwork

    150: Fantastic Digital Goo (feat. May-Li Khoe)

    Today we were able to catch up with May-Li Khoe, a designer at Khan Academy who previously spent seven years on the design team at Apple. In this episode we dig deep into long-term thinking, passion and work, priorities and flow, and so much more.

  117. Thumb 1468802337 artwork

    149: Melayoncé (feat. Melanie Araujo)

    Today we had the opportunity to talk with Melanie Araujo, an independent designer and the creator of Front and Center. She shares her story with us, and we dig into complex topics like self-awareness, identity, personal growth, inclusion and diversity, and so much more.

  118. Thumb 1468791653 artwork

    148: Verbal Punctuation (feat. Tim Quirino)

    Today we caught up with Tim Quirino, a product designer at Facebook working on Live. We dig into his background, mentorship, a designer's responsibility, vulnerability, and so much more.

  119. Thumb 1468192407 artwork

    147: Editorial Spackle (feat. Jessica Collier)

    Today we sat down with Jessica Collier, who was most recently a word person at Stellar. We go deep into designing economies, the importance of words and titles, Silicon Valley, the role of content in design, and so much more.

  120. Thumb 1468189850 artwork

    146: Smell-o-vision (feat. Amber Cartwright)

    Today we caught up with Amber Cartwright, a design manager at Airbnb. We dig into her past and journey into design, management and leadership, invisible design, machine learning and AI, and so much more.

  121. Thumb 1467322785 artwork

    145: Sinister Candybar (feat. Chris Downer)

    We recently sat down with Chris Downer, a designer at Sketch, previously at Realmac Software. We dig into his background, what it takes to design Sketch, how to build great software, and more.

  122. Thumb 1467322282 artwork

    144: Coca-Coolaid (feat. Stewart Scott-Curran)

    Today we sat down with Stewart Scott-Curran, a designer working to build the brand team at Intercom. We dig into his background and journey as a designer, building a team with opinions, the ethics of design, and more.

  123. Thumb 1467091195 artwork

    143: Design Systems: So Hot Right Now (feat. Karri Saarinen)

    Today we met with Karri Saarinen, a designer at Airbnb working on their Design Language System. In this episode we dig deep into design tools and systems, collaboration at scale, building trust with design, and much more.

  124. Thumb 1466786513 artwork

    142: Relax To Get Past (feat. Daniel Hooper)

    Today we caught up with Daniel Hooper, a designer and engineer working on Principle. We dig into his process of building a prototyping tool, building side projects, San Francisco, Apple, and more.

  125. Thumb 1466215757 artwork

    141: Stardust Towers (feat. Pieter Omvlee)

    In this episode we sat down with Pieter Omvlee, the creator of Bohemian Coding and Sketch. We chat about remote work, building and designing software, creating culture, the vision for Sketch, and more.

  126. Thumb 1466208828 artwork

    140: Murky Waters (feat. Mike Davidson)

    This episode has been a long time coming: we finally caught up with Mike Davidson, the previous VP of design at Twitter and an all-around wonderful human. We dig deep into topics like evaluating designers, openness and honesty in tech, building teams, diversity, and more.

  127. Thumb 1465772557 artwork

    139: Story Time! (feat. Josh Austin)

    Today we sat down with Josh Austin, a designer working on the VR team at YouTube. We dig into his past, talk about blogs and learning, communities and leveling up, virtual reality and what's next for designers, and so much more.

  128. Thumb 1465772480 artwork

    138: SlickSlacks (feat. Chanpory Rith)

    In this episode we catch up with Chanpory Rith, co-founder of Mixmax and previously a designer at Google, Dubberly Design Office and Meta Design. We talk about his journey through tech, working at agencies, big companies and startups, advice to young designers, and more.

  129. Thumb 1465096817 artwork

    137: NBA Friends (feat. Christophe Tauziet)

    Today we caught up with Christophe Tauziet, a designer at Facebook working on social VR. We dig into his background and hobbies, working at Apple, Parse and Facebook, designing at scale, VR, the future of design, and more.

  130. Thumb 1465096210 artwork

    136: All Bridge, No Apple (feat. Rasmus Andersson)

    In today's episode we sat down with Rasmus Andersson, a designer at Figma who previously designed at Dropbox, Facebook and Spotify. We dig into the world of design tools, programming, design process, collaboration, craft, bridges and apples, and so much more.

  131. Thumb 1464491195 artwork

    135: How Hard Can It Be? (feat. Jasper Hauser)

    In today's show we catch up with Jasper Hauser, the co-founder of SOFA and currently a design manager at Facebook. We dig into Jasper's past, the creation and evolution of SOFA, moving to Palo Alto by way of Facebook, craft and icon design, managing teams and processes, and so much more.

  132. Thumb 1464488103 artwork

    134: Bias Filter (feat. Braden Kowitz)

    Today we caught up with Braden Kowitz, a design partner at Google Ventures. We dig into Braden's work at GV, his background and journey at Google, prototyping, design process, building a design culture, and more.

  133. Thumb 1464036630 artwork

    133: Follow the Gifs (feat. Sarah Jackson)

    Today we're excited to share a very special episode of Design Details! In this show we sat down with Sarah Jackson, the full-time producer of our very own Spec Network. Sarah has been producing all of the Spec podcasts for almost a year, managing all operations, sales, new show onboarding and so much more – we dig into her journey to SF, what it's like building a content network, upcoming projects and more.

  134. Thumb 1463625517 artwork

    132: Outdoor Disrupt (feat. Justin Graham)

    Today we caught up with Justin Graham after returning from his journey to the Pacific Northwest and Japan. We dig into his background, making the leap to SF, building side projects, freelancing, remote work, traveling and more.

  135. Thumb 1463283190 artwork

    131: A Silicon Valley Eternity (feat. Joshua Taylor)

    Today we caught up once again with Joshua Taylor, previously a design director at Evernote who is currently contracting and working on a better experience for podcast consumption. We talk about his back story and becoming a designer, growing within organizations, freelancing and humility, leveling up as a junior designer and more

  136. Thumb 1463272377 artwork

    130: Ramen UI (feat. Linda Dong)

    Today we caught up with Linda Dong, a designer who worked on the prototyping team at Apple before leaving to travel the world. We dig into her experiences prototyping, diversity in tech, dealing with criticism, building video games and more.

  137. Thumb 1462831592 artwork

    129: Respect the Craft (feat. Claudio Guglieri)

    Today we were able to catch up with Claudio Guglieri, a designer in SF making beautiful websites and products. We dig into his background as a designer from Spain, his process, honing craft, hiring designers, building producs, writing for yourself, developing personal styles and so much more.

  138. Thumb 1462672485 artwork

    128: I Call Shotgun! (feat. Al Ingram and Ben Mingo)

    Today we sat down with Al Ingram and Ben Mingo, two pixel pushers at UENO and recent SF transplants. We dig into their backgrounds and journeys to San Francisco, what it's like working at UENO, finding inspiration, interviewing and more.

  139. Thumb 1462210241 artwork

    127: F of X (feat. Luke Beard)

    Today we caught up with Luke Beard, a designer currently working on building Exposure, a platform for photo stories. We invent a new mathematical formula for success, discuss building businesses vs. companies, talk origin stories and making moves to Silicon Valley, and much more.

  140. Thumb 1462132484 artwork

    126: Hone Your Own (feat. Heather Phillips)

    Today we sat down with Heather Phillips, a designer currently managing at Designer Fund. We chat about her experiences working across a huge range of designers and startups, women in design, mentorship, getting a first job, the value of design school and more.

  141. Thumb 1461460989 artwork
  142. Thumb 1461464986 artwork

    124: Dazzle (feat. Jeremy Goldberg)

    Today we caught up once more with Jeremy Goldberg, a designer at Facebook working on Messenger and bots. We dig into designing for AI/bots, critique, process, trust, and more. Oh, and we coin a fun new term for designers.

  143. Thumb 1461082499 artwork
  144. Thumb 1460935468 artwork
  145. Thumb 1460409677 artwork

    121: Web Trauma (feat. Bill Labus and Benjamin De Cock)

    Today we caught up with two members of the Stripe design team, Bill Labus and Benjamin De Cock. We dig into their roles as UI designers, collaborating in code, critique, process and tools at Stripe, working remotely, origin stories, and more.

  146. Thumb 1460323191 artwork

    120: Shout Out, Mom! (feat. Adam Polselli)

    Today we caught up with Adam Polselli, a product designer and design lead at Dropbox. We dig into current projects at Dropbox, Adam's background, rejection and navigating a career path, hiring designers, what keeps Adam up at night and more.

  147. Thumb 1459916635 artwork

    119: Dead Sea Scrollbar (feat. Yaron Schoen)

    Today we caught up with Yaron Schoen, a designer at Compass living in New York. We dig into Yaron's background and path into design, the changing environment of client work, building style guides and shipping great work.

  148. Thumb 1459703336 artwork

    118: The Helena Price™ (feat. Helena Price)

    Today we were able to sit down with Helena Price, a photographer in SF who has been hard at work on the Techies Project (launching today!). In this show we dig into Techies, Helena's background in tech and path to becoming a full-time photographer, dealing with stagnation and more.

  149. Thumb 1459278148 artwork

    117: The Cool Tools (feat. Dylan Field)

    Today we caught up with Dylan Field, the CEO and co-founder of Figma. In this episode we dig into Dylan's background, design tools an Figma, internships, opinionated design, design education and more.

  150. Thumb 1459107089 artwork

    116: At Least There's Catan (feat. Connor McSheffrey)

    Today we sat down with Connor McSheffrey, a photographer and designer in SF most recently at Dropbox and VSCO. We dig into his background in programming and freelancing, making the leap to SF, photography and more!

  151. Thumb 1458674110 artwork

    115: Puppies, People, 'Puters (feat. Kelly Sutton)

    Today we caught up with Kelly Sutton, a software engineer currently leading product at imgix who is well-known in the design community for co-founding Designer News. In this episode we dig into Kelly's background, learn how to deal with a company shutdown and the story of Designer News, discuss tips for managing ICs and more!

  152. Thumb 1458253181 artwork

    114: Coffee Road Show (feat. Linda Eliasen + Jon Gold)

    Today we sat down with two previous guests and our good friends, Linda Eliasen and Jon Gold! We catch up on what these two have been working on, we dig into work culture and gendered pronouns, we explore design tools and working too late, and at the end we kept a special bonus segment where Brian defends the thing people hate most about Silicon Valley.

  153. Thumb 1457824113 artwork

    113: Artist Formerly Known As (feat. Jeff Smith)

    Today we caught up with our good friend Jeff Smith, a designer at Facebook, a shralper at heart, and an all-around amazing designer. We start off digging into Jeff's background but quickly start to uncover what makes a great manager, how to deal with imposter syndrome, filling in skill gaps, answering the eternal 1x vs 2x debate, and addressing the importance of visual design.

  154. Thumb 1457822242 artwork

    112: Turtleneck Tutorials (feat. Marshall Bock)

    Today we finally had the chance to catch Marshall Bock on a solo recording! We dig deeper into his background, dive into sketch tips and tricks, talk about grids and guides and how to build great cross-platform experiences.

  155. Thumb 1457334940 artwork

    111: Claim to Flame (feat. Vicki Tan)

    Today we sat down with Vicki Tan, a designer here in SF working at Lyft and wearing all black. In this episode we get into Vicki's journey to design, crafting a better interview process, management and having successful one-on-ones, hustling, getting a first design job and more.

  156. Thumb 1457313666 artwork

    110: MAMP Patient Zero (feat. Joey Banks)

    Today we caught up with Joey Banks, a designer here in SF, previously at Scoot Networks. Joey is a self-described junior designer, and in today's show we dig into his journy in the industry, his next projects, what makes a good mentor, how to build your network and more.

  157. Thumb 1456794999 artwork

    109: Vim Me Up, Scottie (feat. Dan Eden)

    Today we sat down with Daniel Eden, a design engineer at Dropbox. We dig briefly into Dan's background, talk about the relationship between designers and developers, writing CSS at scale, scratching your own itch and more.

  158. Thumb 1456687748 artwork

    108: The Flopping Dead (feat. Brad Simpson)

    Today we caught up with the designer formerly known as Brad Simpson. Brad currently designs at Medium, but he comes from a highly technical hardware background at IDEO and MIT. We dig into Brad's transition from hardware/mechanical design to software design, the challenges of designing at Medium and more.

  159. Thumb 1456283755 artwork

    107: Just Enough Wax: LIVE @ Epicurrence

    Today we have a very special, experimental episode of Design Details. On our last night of Epicurrence #3 we invited folks to come answer one of three questions; the result is a 28-guest mega-episode!

  160. Thumb 1456082048 artwork

    106: Glorified Hustlers (feat. Mackey Saturday & Meg Robichaud)

    For our third Epicurrence episode we sat down with Mackey Saturday and Meg Robichaud. We catch up on their past year, branding and illustration work, how to navigate company politics, the way to get critique as a freelancer, and a handfull of listener questions at the end!

  161. Thumb 1455665764 artwork

    105: Arbiter of Taste (feat. Ben Cline & Anson Schall)

    In another Epicurrence recording of Design Details, we caught up with Ben Cline and Anson Schall of Rally Interactive. We dig into Rally's humble beginnings, the merit of design awards, how designers and developers work together, and the worst kind of client.

  162. Thumb 1455516775 artwork

    104: All Good in the Hood (feat. Jen & Amy Hood)

    In our first Epicurrence recording we caught up with the talented Amy and Jen Hood, founders of Hoodzpah Design. In this show we chat with the twins about their backgrounds as designers, work life balance, side projects, pricing and how to start a design business.

  163. Thumb 1455034353 artwork

    103: Sacrifice for Pixels (feat. Drew Wilson & Dann Petty)

    In another special roundtable episode of Design Details, we caught up with Drew Wilson and Dann Petty, the creators of the Valio Con and Epicurrence design conferences. We dig into the ethos of their creations, the hardest parts of pulling together a community, and what it takes to create a physical experience for hundreds of people.

  164. Thumb 1454708516 artwork

    102: Sick Ajax Skills (feat. Adam Michela)

    This episode with Adam Michela was soopa fun; Adam is a designer at AirBnb, previously at Last, Facebook and Gowalla among others. We caught up to talk about Adam's background as a designer, building style guides at scale, the impact of engineering on user experience, and more.

  165. Thumb 1454452512 artwork

    101: Everyone's Thirsty (feat. Katie Zhu & Tara Mann)

    In another roundtable episode of Design Details, we caught up with Katie Zhu and Tara Mann to chat about social media, personal brands, new media, storytelling and our favorite undiscovered apps!

  166. Thumb 1454282072 artwork

    100: Goldilocks Fidelity (feat. Daniel Burka)

    Episode 100! We made it - thank you so much to everyone has listened to an episode, shared the show with a friend or reached out to us on Twitter this past year; we wouldn't be here without you. For this special episode we caught up with Daniel Burka to talk about his background, process, critique, what keeps him up at night and more. Enjoy!

  167. Thumb 1453947133 artwork

    99: Internet Points (feat. Ian Silber)

    Today we sat down with Ian Silber, a designer (and design manager!) at Instagram. We dig into his background, talk about taking bets on young designers, his key learnings in management, briefly diverge into cooking, and return back to his process for hiring at Instagram.

  168. Thumb 1453593766 artwork

    98: Inhale the Flattery (feat. Marc Hemeon & Joshua Taylor)

    For episode 98 we sat down with Marc Hemeon and Joshua Taylor to talk about their new company, Design Inc. We also dig into their biggest advice for young designers, what they would learn if they could start again, soul vs. ego and what it takes to surround yourself with the best people.

  169. Thumb 1453284798 artwork

    97: Eleven Month Itch (feat. Marshall Bock & Joshua Sortino)

    In today's episode of Design Details we brought the Vicarious crew, Marshall Bock and Josh Sortino, over to have a round table discussion about design leadership. This is a different format from our usual shows, so ping us on Twitter @designdetailsfm with your thoughts and feedback!

  170. Thumb 1453094257 artwork

    96: Granola Mogul (feat. Kerem Suer)

    Today we caught up with Kerem Suer, a product designer at Operator. We've been itching to chat with Kerem for the past year, and it was so fun to finally get to catch up! In this episode we talk about Kerem's background as a designer and sailor, career progression, side projects, and the dumbest domain names we've ever bought.

  171. Thumb 1452641491 artwork

    95: Sandwich Artist (feat. Brian Benitez)

    For our first new recording in 2016 we caught up with Brian Benitez, a designer who built Collective Ray over the past 5 years and has just recently joined the team at Weebly. We chat about his origins as a designer, making the switch to Weebly, moving to SF and, of course, sandwich art.

  172. Thumb 1451850333 artwork

    94: Best of 2015 - Part 4

    For the next two weeks we're taking some time off with our friends and family - to tide everyone over, we've compiled four episodes with some of our favorite clips of 2015. We hope you enjoy listening back and re-discovering some of our earliest content, and we'll be back with new interviews in 2016!

  173. Thumb 1451850263 artwork

    93: Best of 2015 - Part 3

    For the next two weeks we're taking some time off with our friends and family - to tide everyone over, we've compiled four episodes with some of our favorite clips of 2015. We hope you enjoy listening back and re-discovering some of our earliest content, and we'll be back with new interviews in 2016!

  174. Thumb 1451850265 artwork

    92: Best of 2015 - Part 2

    For the next two weeks we're taking some time off with our friends and family - to tide everyone over, we've compiled four episodes with some of our favorite clips of 2015. We hope you enjoy listening back and re-discovering some of our earliest content, and we'll be back with new interviews in 2016!

  175. Thumb 1450992791 artwork

    91: Best of 2015 - Part 1

    For the next two weeks we're taking some time off with our friends and family - to tide everyone over, we've compiled four episodes with some of our favorite clips of 2015. We hope you enjoy listening back and re-discovering some of our earliest content, and we'll be back with new interviews in 2016!

  176. Thumb 1450584922 artwork

    90: Master Yodan (feat. Dan Mall)

    In our last recorded guest episode of 2015, we were able to catch up with Dan Mall! We couldn't have asked for a more perfect episode to end our year - in this show Dan drops knowledge about freelancing, job titles, and helping people do the best work of their lives.

  177. Thumb 1450566700 artwork

    89: Sh**s & Gigs (feat. Justin Pervorse)

    In this episode we caught up with Justin Pervorse, a designer and illustrator at Dropbox, and previously at MailChimp. We dig into Justin's backstory, making vinyl toys at MailChimp, creating a custom t-shirt deli shop at Dropbox and the worst parts about living in San Francisco.

  178. Thumb 1450578598 artwork

    88: Deuces, Coding (feat. Katie Zhu)

    This week we caught up with Katie Zhu, an engineer and product manager at Medium. We pick Katie's brain about product management, holacracy and organizational structure, exploring new products, email newsletters, imposter syndrome and more.

  179. Thumb 1449891609 artwork

    87: Chillustrations (feat. Meg Robichaud)

    In this episode we finally caught up with Meg Robichaud, a designer and illustrator traveling and freelancing around the world. We talk about her background as a creator, the nomad lifestyle, her illustration processes and some of her latest thoughts and writings.

  180. Thumb 1449883127 artwork

    86: Adult Recess (feat. Susan Lin)

    This week we caught up with Susan Lin, an artist, designer and coder building things over at Treehouse. In this episode we dig into Susan's background as a creative, her process as a designer and developer, how remote work and flat organizations can maximize productivity, and the value of building a personal brand.

  181. Thumb 1449563335 artwork

    85: Lettering Liaison (feat. Tobias Frere-Jones)

    This is the last of our New York recordings with none-other than legendary type designer, Tobias Frere-Jones! Tobias recently released Mallory, his new company's first family, so the timing couldn't have been better. In this episode we learn about Tobias' design process, how he first became interested in type, and just what kind of details go into creating an entire family.

  182. Thumb 1449472300 artwork

    84: Crochet Monotype (feat. Aaron Moodie)

    Last month while in New York City we got to catch up with Aaron Moodie, a product designer at Etsy. We pick his brain about hustling, portfolio advice, moving around the world for new jobs and the future of apps.

  183. Thumb 1448840724 artwork

    83: It Depends (Live @Etsy, feat. Randy Hunt)

    A few weeks ago we flew to New York City to interview some of our favorite designers. On our first day in the city we had the chance to sit down with Randy Hunt, the VP of Design at Etsy, in front of the entire Etsy design team for a very special live episode! In this show we dig into some of the challenges Randy's facing as the design org continues to expand, his journey to becoming a designer, what keeps him awake at night, and much more.

  184. Thumb 1448674194 artwork

    82: Salt Boogers (feat. Charlie Waite)

    Today we sat down with Charlie Waite, a designer at GoPro who previously spent time designing at Focus Lab. We explore how design works at GoPro, the key differences between agency and product work, navigating work-life balance and working as a freelancer on the side.

  185. Thumb 1448353202 artwork

    81: It's Complicated... (Live at Etsy, feat. Joel Califa, Jessica Harllee & Justin Edmund)

    Last weekend we visited New York City to meet some of our favorite designers for Design Details! While we were there, we hosted our first-ever live meetup at the Etsy offices. More than 70 people came to catch up with Justin Edmund, Jessica Harllee and Joel Califa; we picked their brains about their journey, mistakes they've made, mentorship vs. coaching, learning new skills, and more - we even answered questions from the audience! Huge thanks to Aaron, Diana and Floris at Etsy for making this event possible; we can't wait to host our next meetup in San Francisco next year!

  186. Thumb 1448234933 artwork
  187. Thumb 1447750222 artwork

    79: Fart Director (feat. Gene Ross)

    Today we caught up with Gene Ross, a designer at Luxe currently NOT living in San Francisco. We picked Gene's brain about imposter syndrome, work life balance, his Runescape journey and coming to the west coast.

  188. Thumb 1447655240 artwork

    78: Bob Ross Petty (feat. Dann Petty)

    We've been waiting to chat with Dann Petty for months now, but finally after returning from Epicurrence No. 2 we made it happen! In this episode we chat about Dann's background as a designer, what's going on with Epicurrence, his advice for freelancers, and tips for young designers just getting started. If you enjoy this episode, go to and sign up to come hang out this February in Park City, Utah!

  189. Thumb 1447223875 artwork

    77: Pegacorns (feat. Drew Wilson)

    Today we sat down with Drew Wilson, a prolific designer, developer and product creator who recently moved to the Bay Area to build Plasso. We chat about Drew's background, how he builds so many products, taking risks and his observations on design in the valley.

  190. Thumb 1446838860 artwork

    76: Full Feltron (feat. Justin Edmund)

    Today we sat down with Justin Edmund, a designer well known for his work at Pinterest over the last four years. We chat about his background in design, going to design school, what the Pinterest process is like, and how Justin is looking into the future of design.

  191. Thumb 1446612158 artwork

    75: Gitway Drug (feat. Brent Jackson)

    Today we sat down with Brent Jackson aka jxnblk to talk about all things design and development! Brent is a prolific creator and we love his tools here at Spec - we chat with him about side projects, being a designer and a developer, building design systems and how he got his nickname.

  192. Thumb 1446399889 artwork

    74: Itchy Feet (feat. Diana Mounter)

    In today's episode of Design Details we caught up with Diana Mounter, aka Broccolini. Diana is a designer at Etsy, and in this show we chat about her journey to Etsy, why git is a valuable tool for designers and the hardest part about onboarding new hires.

  193. Thumb 1445806862 artwork

    73: Feedback Friends (feat. Katie Dill)

    This week we had the chance to sit down with Katie Dill, the head of experience design at Airbnb. We talked about her background as a designer, what she looks for in new hires, how designers can work more effectively with businesses, and the critique process used at Airbnb.

  194. Thumb 1445804717 artwork

    72: No...Nope...Not At All (feat. Morgan Knutson)

    Today we caught up with Morgan Knutson, a co-founder and designer at Shift, notable for his previous work at Dropbox and Google. In this episode we talk about what it takes to get hired as a designer, Morgan's background, working at Google, and how to get things done as a designer.

  195. Thumb 1445406827 artwork

    71: Tomb Braider (feat. Maykel Loomans)

    In today's episode we sat down with Maykel Loomans, a designer and developer currently working on search at Facebook and is notable for his previous work at Instagram. In this episode we chat about Maykel's background as a designer, working at scale, mentorship and more.

  196. Thumb 1444860595 artwork

    70: Nothing's Sacred, Not Even Goats (feat. Ash Huang)

    For episode 70 we sat down with Ash Huang, an independent designer, illustrator and writer here in San Francisco. In the past Ash worked on brand design at Twitter, brand and product design at Pinterest, and has most recently published her own book, The Firesteel.

  197. Thumb 1444784690 artwork

    69: Epicurrence Live (feat. Dustin Senos + Haraldur Thorleifsson)

    Welcome to our first live episode of Design Details! We recorded this show last week at Epicurrence North Shore with Haraldur Thorleifsson and Dustin Senos - we dig into inspiration, mentorship, identifying potential and more. Let us know what you think of this live format on Twitter!

  198. Thumb 1443983315 artwork

    68: Should Designers Cat? (feat. Trevor McNaughton + Katie Rinkevich)

    Today we had a very fun, very casual conversation with Katie Rinkevich and Trevor McNaughton, both product designers living here in San Francisco. We chat about A/B testing, accidentally becoming designers and the concept car method of designing products.

  199. Thumb 1443985872 artwork

    67: Open the Kimono (feat. Soleio Cuervo)

    Today we caught up with Soleio Cuervo, a designer, advisor and investor. He's well known for laying the groundwork of Facebook's early design team and, of course, his work on the original incarnation of the 'like' button. He currently advises many companies and startups in tech, and we had a blast digging into his stories and lessons learned!

  200. Thumb 1443983856 artwork

    66: Kittenish (feat. Ryan Hoover)

    For episode 66 we caught up with Ryan Hoover, the founder of Product Hunt. We get insights into PH's latest podcasting branch, building in public, what it's like designing and building Product Hunt, and some of the biggest mistakes Ryan sees people making.

  201. Thumb 1443571881 artwork

    65: Meatwad Flip-Flops (feat. Linda Eliasen)

    Today we sat down with Linda Eliasen to chat about the latest happenings in her career, what it was like illustrating for Cartoon Network and her favorite project at Dropbox. We also take the time to dig through Linda's journey as a designer leading up until now as she sets off on her next adventure.

  202. Thumb 1443417485 artwork

    64: Get Tricky (feat. Alli Dryer)

    Today we caught up with Alli Dryer, a designer and architect working on the Twitter timeline. In this show we chat about Alli's background in design and architecture, what it's like to design at Twitter and what she's working on next.

  203. Thumb 1442967243 artwork

    63: More Nougat (feat. Jon Lax)

    For episode 63 we sat down with Jon Lax, one of the design directors at Facebook overseeing the Utility Org. Jon is well-known for his writings during his time at Teehan+Lax, the design agency he co-founded with Geoff Teehan. In this show we talk about his work at Facebook, design culture, designing at scale, and of course, Jon's backstory as a designer.

  204. Thumb 1442798284 artwork

    62: Pencil Mileage (feat. Alice Lee)

    In today's episode we caught up with Alice Lee, a designer, illustrator and developer living in San Francisco. Alice is well-known for her work at Dropbox, illustrating for the New York Times, and her latest freelance work across a range of amazing companies. In this show we chat about her journey as a designer and illustrator, the story behind Dropbox and Carousel and the latest projects Alice is working on.

  205. Thumb 1442133394 artwork

    61: State of Louisville (feat. Josh Puckett)

    In today's show we caught up with Josh Puckett, a designer and developer living in Palo Alto. We talk about Josh's journey at Dropbox and what it was like to build Carousel, how he manages to make so many apps, the current state of design tools, and the world of freelance designing. Stick around after the show to hear our 30 minutes of bonus conversation about the latest Apple event!

  206. Thumb 1442129754 artwork

    60: One Big Wrist Button (feat. Ayaka Nonaka and Sam Soffes)

    In this episode we sat down with Ayaka Nonaka and Sam Soffes to deconstruct the new Apple announcements from last week. We dig through each product and talk about the design and development implications we can expect in the future!

  207. Thumb 1441749348 artwork

    59: Bay Curious (feat. Tara Mann)

    For episode 59 we caught up with Tara Mann, a product designer and sneaker collector currently making things at Twitter. In this show we dig into Tara's background and discuss what it means to grow as a new designer. We also chat about the recent Google rebrand, entrepreneurial thought leaders and design school.

  208. Thumb 1441590714 artwork

    58: Fat Cat Cat Chat (feat. Kyle Meyer and Charlie Deets)

    In this episode we caught up with Kyle Meyer and Charlie Deets, two product designers that have a huge range of experience in the design and development world. We chat about design at Facebook, remote working, unsolicited redesigns and the power of sound.

  209. Thumb 1441158090 artwork

    57: DubDubDub (feat. Robin and Roxane Clediere)

    In this episode, we hung out with Robin and Roxane Clediere. They're a pair of French designers who not only are married, but work together on design projects. We discussed working together as a couple, joining Facebook, and moving from a small town in France to San Francisco.

  210. Thumb 1440970827 artwork

    56: Lego Bits (feat. Adam Morse)

    In this episode we sat down with Adam Morse, aka mrmrs, a front-end developer and designer. Adam shares his knowledge of building systems and making the internet better.

  211. Thumb 1440537508 artwork

    55: Wizards (feat. Wilson Miner and Ryan Sims)

    They're back! In this episode we sat down with Wilson Miner and Ryan Sims to chat about their latest adventures in design, Apple Music, design collaboration and job transitions.

  212. Thumb 1440352670 artwork

    54: Cute Puppy Syndrome (feat. Jacob Thornton)

    Today we sat down with Jacob Thornton, co-founder of Bootstrap and previously an engineer at Twitter and Medium. Jacob tells us all about his magical experience with Snoop Dogg, the history of CSS and the free software movement.

  213. Thumb 1439942644 artwork

    53: Solving the Shout Problem (feat. Sahil Lavingia)

    Today we caught up with Sahil Lavingia, the founder and CEO at Gumroad. We chat about building an audience online, the challenges of being a designer, engineer and founder, and what the hiring process looks like at Gumroad.

  214. Thumb 1439764265 artwork

    52: Save the Prototype (feat. Malthe Sigurdsson)

    Today we sat down with Malthe Sigurdsson, the current Head of Design at Stripe. Before joining Stripe, Malthe was the VP of Product at Rdio, and before that he was the Creative Director at Skype. In this episode we dig into Malthe's journey through these amazing companies, diving deep into hiring and scaling design teams and how to think like a product designer.

  215. Thumb 1439335665 artwork

    51: Dopesick (feat. Marshall Bock and Sam Soffes)

    It's teaser time! This episode we caught up with Sam Soffes and Marshall Bock, two upcoming hosts on the Spec Network! In this show we chat about the future of Spec and dive deep into some Sketch pro tips.

  216. Thumb 1439076918 artwork

    50: #FF00FF (feat. Steph Monette and Liam Campbell)

    For our 50th episode we sat down with Steph Monette and Liam Campbell, developers at Mule Design, to chat about CSS, startups versus agencies and the state of tech in San Francisco.

  217. Thumb 1438731113 artwork

    49: Space Dinosaurs (feat. Anand Sharma)

    Today we sat down with Anand Sharma, founder of Gyroscope and an insanely-talented designer/developer. We caught up about his work on Gyroscope, the future of health tracking and how the quantified self is changing the world.

  218. Thumb 1438548712 artwork

    48: Switzerland of Tumblr (feat. Floris Dekker)

    Happy Monday! Today we caught up with Floris Dekker, senior design manager at Etsy and founder of Little Big Details! In this show we chat about Little Big Details, management as a design problem, gardening and what Floris is excited about in the world of design.

  219. Thumb 1438071114 artwork

    47: Symmetrical Sandwich (feat. Mark Otto)

    Today we caught up with Mark Otto, the creator of Bootstrap and designer at GitHub. We go deep into the CSS/front-end world on this one, we hope you enjoy listening!

  220. Thumb 1437878336 artwork

    46: It Started With Neopets (feat. Joshua Sortino)

    Today we caught up with Josh Sortino, designer at Teespring, startup advisor and photographer. We chat about design and communication, the design world in San Francisco, photography and how designers can get a seat at the table.

  221. Thumb 1437493578 artwork

    45: Year of the Snail (feat. Elle Luna)

    It's time for a break from the normal conversations we have here on Design Details; today we stepped back to try and see the bigger picture with Elle Luna. Elle is a writer, designer, artist, entrepreneur and life adventurer, and in this episode she helps us navigate some of the bigger questions in our lives and in our careers.

  222. Thumb 1437252953 artwork

    44: Everything is a Beta (feat. Haraldur Thorleifsson)

    For episode 44 we caught up with Haraldur Thorleifsson, a designer and agency founder leading the amazing team at UENO. In this show we chat about Haraldur's background and journey to starting UENO, the state of web design, Apple Watch, burnout and more.

  223. Thumb 1436938301 artwork

    43: Freedom Juice (feat. Jon Gold)

    Today we caught up with Jon Gold, an immensely talented and thoughtful designer making things at The Grid. In this show we chat about functional CSS, skeuomorphism and aesthetics, going to design school and the latest products from Apple.

  224. Thumb 1436771431 artwork

    42: Lonely T-Rex (feat. Sebastien Gabriel and Jean-Marc Denis)

    This week we finally caught up with our friends at Google, Jean-Marc Denis and Sebastien Gabriel. In this episode we chat Material Design, designing invisible interfaces, current design tools and moving from France to the US.

  225. Thumb 1436317740 artwork

    41: Heart For You (feat. Marshall Bock and Michael Schultz)

    It's been a week since Apple Music launched giving us the perfect reason to have a round-table discussion about the new app with Marshall Bock and Michael Schultz. We bounce around this episode sharing our thoughts on Apple Music and streaming services in general - we hope you have fun listening!

  226. Thumb 1436192029 artwork
  227. Thumb 1435727513 artwork

    39: YoTube (feat. Mike Essl)

    On this episode we caught up with Mike Essl: designer, artist, Mr. T memorabilia collector. We talk about Mike's personal story as a designer, Cooper Union, and yes, we chat comics.

  228. Thumb 1435589920 artwork

    38: Electronic Parties (feat. Geoff Teehan)

    For episode 38, we were joined by Geoff Teehan, a super-talented Canadian designer who is at least partially responsible for several of our favorite products. He has not only worked on some amazing projects for companies like Medium, Google, and now Facebook - he has also built some really great resources for designers.

  229. Thumb 1435136157 artwork

    37: Crisper Articulation (feat. Julie Zhuo)

    For episode 37, we were lucky enough to get to spend some time with Julie Zhuo! We're both huge fans of her writing on Medium and the way she thinks about design and especially that she shares that with the entire community.

  230. Thumb 1434955788 artwork

    36: 10x (feat. Meng To)

    For episode 36, we got to spend some time with Meng To discussing what makes a great product, how to get started with design and development, and what it takes to build a thing. Meng's an incredibly talented creator and we're grateful he was able to take a break from helping people get started in our industry to hang out with us for an hour or so!

  231. Thumb 1434530706 artwork

    35: Senate Design Overcommittee (feat. Noah Stokes)

    For episode 35, we finally convinced the Motherfuton himself, Mr. Noah Stokes, to come hang with us for a bit and talk about lazy web design, ornamentation vs utility, design education and so much more. It was super fun to pick his brain for an hour or so and he brought up some frequently overlooked shortcomings of how we build the web today.

  232. Thumb 1434378334 artwork

    34: Second Shift (feat. Allison House)

    This week we hopped on a call with the one-and-only Allison House! Allison currently lives in Austin, exploring her way through 3D art and design - in this episode we chat about her background in design, her transition into 3D and what she's excited for in the future.

  233. Thumb 1433948493 artwork
  234. Thumb 1433768005 artwork

    32: Dethrone Marco (feat. Russell Ivanovic and Marc Edwards)

    It's WWDC week, and this time we're catching up with Russell Ivanovic and Marc Edwards, both founders of independent app development companies in Australia. We spent this hour chatting about Google I/O, iOS, Material Design and more.

  235. Thumb 1433337527 artwork
  236. Thumb 1433146167 artwork
  237. Thumb 1432735531 artwork

    29: Bananagrams (feat. Ryan Putnam & Nick Slater)

    In this episode of Design Details we had the pleasure of catching up with Ryan Putnam and returning-guest Nick Slater! We chat about illustration, designing a company culture, mixing mediums and finding our spirit animals.

  238. Thumb 1432562237 artwork

    28: #TeamOneCircle (feat. Michael Schultz)

    This week we caught up with Michael Schultz, a designer living in San Francisco tackling one of the hardest design problems out there: health and medicine. We chat all about the problems he faces designing in the medical world, how to launch and market side projects and we end with a healthy debate about designer job titles.

  239. Thumb 1432129281 artwork

    27: Socialist Design (feat. Kim Bost & Cap Watkins)

    Last week Kim and Cap were in SF for the week and dropped by to record another fun episode of Design Details! We chat about what it's like to be married to a designer, how to hire designers and how to overcome the biggest challenges design managers face.

  240. Thumb 1432006538 artwork

    26: Beep Beep I Like Ferns Beep (feat. Sebastiaan De With)

    This week we sat down with Sebastiaan de With to chat about everything design (and motorcycles)! We caught up on his evolving career in design, what it's like building a new agency, how to work with international clients and the power of giving design resources away for free.

  241. Thumb 1431506618 artwork

    25: Arbitrary Head Chef (feat. Danny Trinh & Chris Kalani)

    This episode, we had two designers building their own companies by building some awesome products that we're super excited about - Chris Kalani of Wake and Danny Trinh from Free. We took a bunch of questions from people watching on Periscope and these guys have some great energy which lead to a fantastic conversation and some "real talk"!

  242. Thumb 1431327744 artwork

    24: Open Source Religion (feat. Kevin Rose)

    This week we sat down with Kevin Rose - he's a product creator and VC who has had a prolific presence in the tech community for several years. We chat about the things he's loving right now, watch culture, health and cooking, hiring and so much more!

  243. Thumb 1430897458 artwork
  244. Thumb 1430748523 artwork

    22: Poor Man's Pokemon (feat. Cennydd Bowles)

    This week we caught up with Cennydd Bowles over Skype for a truly fascinating discussion about cross-OS design, the future of wearables, what it means to be a junior vs. senior designer, and why sound design will be the next big trend.

  245. Thumb 1430286602 artwork

    21: Startup Lubricant (feat. Bin Chen)

    This episode, we talked tea with Boba Guys and Tea People co-founder Bin Chen! He's had one of the most unique design careers we've ever heard of and he tells a really great story - which made this episode especially fun for us. Hopefully, you'll dig it too!

  246. Thumb 1430080846 artwork

    20: Soft Computer Hands (feat. Dustin Senos)

    This week we caught up with Dustin Senos, the lead designer at Medium for the past 3 years who has spent his professional career traversing the worlds of design and engineering. We dig into Dustin's background and how design has shaped Medium into the product it is today.

  247. Thumb 1429683940 artwork

    19: Super-Dinky Hodinkee (feat. Caleb Davenport and Jake Marsh)

    This episode, we dug into our concerns after all the Apple Watch reviews came out with a couple of our favorite iOS developers: Caleb Davenport and Jake Marsh. This episode was completely ridiculous and fun (even moreso if you caught the Periscope livestream featuring the inimitable Marc Hemeon). We discuss the models that each of us pre-ordered as well as Amazon Dash and our most-hoped-for features of the Apple Watch when it finally comes out!

  248. Thumb 1429500449 artwork

    18: Kleenex Testers (feat. Stone Librande)

    This week we broke up our regular string of web designer guests to chat with Stone Librande, lead designer at Riot Games. Stone was also the lead designer of Diablo 3, SimCity and Spore; he's an incredibly talented creator who shared so much insight with us on this episode of Design Details!

  249. Thumb 1429105954 artwork

    17: Ptotes Pterodactyl (feat. Divya Manian & Bradee Evans)

    This week we hung out with Divya Manian and Bradee Evans from the Photoshop team at Adobe. This was a really, really fun episode to record and Divya and Bradee were amazing guests. We got to talk about everything from important issues around diversity to just making dumb jokes about pterodactyls and unicorns. We hope you enjoy it half as much as we enjoyed recording it.

  250. Thumb 1428898156 artwork

    16: Extravagant Shallowness (feat. Khoi Vinh)

    This week we caught up with Khoi Vinh, an insightful and talented designer making Wildcard in New York City. In this Skype chat we talked about designing for the tablet, honesty on the web and how Khoi manages to maintain so many projects!

  251. Thumb 1428503253 artwork

    15: Her Left Me (feat. Jeremy Goldberg and George Kedenburg)

    This is our first time to have a second episode scheduled for the week! We're excited to try out this new format, kicking things off with two guests: Jeremy Goldberg and George Kedenburg. We chat about design at Facebook, their journeys as designers and how they're growing within such a large company.

  252. Thumb 1428334799 artwork

    14: Unless You're Dumb (feat. Jared Erondu)

    This week we hung out with Jared Erondu for an hour or so. He has put out an extremely impressive body of work in a very short time - from his work at Lift, to Omada, to co-founding The Industry with Drew Wilson, to his current role as Creative Director at Teespring. We covered a lot of ground - from the future of user interfaces to donuts to whether or not "UX designer" should be a job title anymore.

  253. Thumb 1427725571 artwork

    13: Eating Horse (feat. Maurice Woods)

    We had an amazing conversation this week with Maurice "Mo" Woods, a senior visual designer at Yahoo and founder of the Inneract Project. We chat about what he's doing in design education, diversity in design and how his background as a pro basketball player has served him in his career as a designer.

  254. Thumb 1427111564 artwork

    12: Topsoil Decisions (feat. Ryan Sims)

    This past week we sat down with Ryan Sims, the former head of design at Rdio. We caught up with him about his latest career change as he heads to Adobe, what it was like growing the design team at Rdio and what it means to have a design mentor. This was an insightful episode, and we hope you all enjoy!

  255. Thumb 1426492124 artwork

    11: Artisanal Fitness (feat. Erika Hall)

    This week we caught up with Erika Hall, co-founder of Mule Design and author of Just Enough Research. We dive deep into a handful of topics, from user research to gender in tech, from the Apple Watch to the evolution of San Francisco culture - we had a lot of fun recording this one!

  256. Thumb 1425959694 artwork

    Bonus Episode: Apple Watch Watch 2015

    Today we're excited to release a special bonus episode of the Design Details Podcast! After today's Apple Watch event we grabbed Sam Soffes to chat about the implications for us as designers and what the watch means for app design going into the future.

  257. Thumb 1425652695 artwork

    10: Tiny Nuggets of Delight (feat. Tim Van Damme)

    This week we caught up with Tim Van Damme, an amazing designer who has been a part of some of our favorite products including Instagram and Dropbox. For this hour we chat about Tim's past experience in design, working on Mailbox, Dribbble and the future of design/technology. We had a lot of fun with this show and we hope you all enjoy the conversation!

  258. Thumb 1425268189 artwork
  259. Thumb 1424665088 artwork

    8: Deathly Allergic to Avocado (feat. Chloe Park)

    Episode 8 everyone! This week we sat down with the lovely Chloe Park, an experience designer making things happen at OpenTable. We chat about everything from the design process at OpenTable to Chloe's biggest problems with relationships in tech. This was a fun episode for us to record and we hope you enjoy it!

  260. Thumb 1424592779 artwork

    7: VP of Unnecessary Redesign (feat. Cap Watkins)

    This week we caught up with Cap Watkins, the recently-appointed VP of design at BuzzFeed. We picked Cap's brain about hiring designers, A/B testing, beard-growing, East Coast design and more. Oh, and robo-horses!

  261. Thumb 1424592776 artwork

    6: Down the Stuffed Rabbit Hole (feat. Marissa Louie)

    This week we hung out with Marissa Louie - a rather prolific designer, activist, and creator who has worked on many of our favorite products at places like Apple, Yahoo, Ness Computing, and Wanelo, among others. We discussed everything from teddy bears to social justice - and the profound impact of emotional design.

  262. Thumb 1424592774 artwork

    5: Squeeze in Some Meat with Your Candy (feat. Gabriel Valdivia)

    This week we had a chat with Gabriel Valdivia, a Product Designer at Facebook. He's a close friend and a remarkable designer best known for his work at Automatic. We had a great time chatting about a lot of Gabe's favorite things - from prototyping to Serial to meat/candy hybrids.

  263. Thumb 1424592772 artwork

    4: Meatspace User Onboarding (feat. Kristy Tillman)

    This week we caught up with Kristy Tillman, a former designer at IDEO who now leads the design charge at Society of Grownups. We had a great time chatting across a huge range of topics, from diversity in tech to meatspace user onboarding!

  264. Thumb 1424592770 artwork

    3: I'm Tired of Looking at Apps (feat. Wilson Miner)

    Another Monday means another episode of Design Details! This week we caught up with Wilson Miner, an insanely thoughtful and talented designer well-known for his work at Apple, Rdio and Facebook. In this episode we talked with Wilson about game design, his favorite products and more - we hope you enjoy the show!

  265. Thumb 1424592768 artwork

    2: So Vanilla (feat. Nick Slater)

    Here we go, episode two of the Design Details Podcast! This week we caught up with Nick Slater, an insanely talented designer and illustrator doing wonderful work at Palantir.

  266. Thumb 1424592766 artwork

    1: How Nerdy of an Answer Do You Want? (feat. Sam Soffes)

    The first episode of Design Details has arrived! For our opening show, we sat down with designer and developer Sam Soffes to talk about his latest project (Whiskey), building in public, brag-driven development and his interest in working as a designer.

  267. Thumb 1424592764 artwork

    0: Design Details Teaser

    This is a little teaser recording for us to test our equipment, set up our feeds and get the website up and running. You can subscribe to the podcast by heading to and following on iTunes, RSS or email! The first Design Details episode is coming January 5th, 2015 - stay posted!

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